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Jul 11, 2013
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed missing material and sound issues for the Taunt: Bare Knuckle Beatdown
  • Fixed clipping issue for the Taunt: The Profane Puppeteer
  • Fixed some sounds for the Taunt: The Mannbulance!
  • Updated The Scariest Mask EVER with Hat/NoHat styles to prevent some clipping issues
  • Updated the Wandering Wraith, Corpse Carrier, Beanie The All-Gnawing, and Computron 5000 to fix issues with the materials/models
  • Updated the pickup/drop sounds for paintkits
  • Updated/Added some tournament medals
  • Updated the localization files
  • Updated cp_ambush_event
    • Fixed few exploits where players could get out of the map
    • Fixed control point 2 base plate in stage 1 not turning blue upon capture
    • Changed damage type from shock to bullet in underworld
    • Improved clipping
  • Updated pl_terror_event
    • Fixed few exploits where players could get out of the map
    • Increased spawn time interval of normal spellbooks
    • Fixed visual issue during warmup period regarding track models floating in air
    • Adjusted payload track select logic to fix rare issue with cart going off track
    • Improved clipping
  • Updated koth_los_muertos
    • Fixed a respawn visualizer not showing up on the RED side
    • Fixed falling off the edge when entering the Land of the Dead with higher than normal movement velocity. Now when entering the portal, player speed will be set to 0.
    • Fixed being able to spam grenades and rockets through rooftops
  • Updated arena_lumberyard_event
    • Fixed missing beacon particle to signify rare spell spawn locations
    • Fixed an issue with custom HUDs interfering with the map's own HUD
    • Fixed middle doors shutting themselves when blocked by a player
    • Fixed various props z-fighting inside of walls
    • Fixed instances of the announcer lines playing over the Merasmus' announcer lines
    • Fixed an issue that caused players to remain in third-person at the beginning of a new round
    • Fixed spells dropped by the skeleton king persisting between rounds
    • Fixed pumpkin bombs generated from spells persisting between rounds
    • Fixed server lag caused by dynamic props
    • Reworked various VO to use new soundscript entries
    • Merasmus will now react to player deaths with varying degrees of sarcasm
    • Pumpkin bombs will now all refresh simultaneously at the start of every round
    • Added a "No entry" sign to the middle doors
    • Smoothed surfaces around the map to ease flying around as a ghost
    • Increased sound of the ghost dispenser to improve healing feedback
    • Extended the warmup periods by 5 seconds (now 15 seconds)
    • Nature & Wildlife preservation measures
    • Removed the Observer

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