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Sep 18, 2016
Dear Fellow Staff / Players of Panda Dodgeball and Whom this may concern,

I just want to say thank you for the opportunity you provided me with administrating your Dodgeball server and Dodgeball Community. Kevin, I'd like to say a special thanks to you, above all due to this wouldn't have happened due to your high motivation of creating Panda. Excellent work. I also want to say a special thanks to my mentors, Luigi and Crypt. You guys truly help me become a better admin and I hope to be a more fair and impartial in future endeavors following this moment.

I made many friends and enemies along this path of an admin, but I did not falter when it came to making a proper decision. I had a hiccup or two, but I mostly tried my best to succeed in making this a fun, enjoyable server for new/regular/veteran players. I would like to say after me leaving that I hope to see most of you guys in my PM's or even in the future playing with you guys.

I'll start off by acknowledging notable players/friends I met throughout my time on the dodgeball server:
Trash: My Arch Nemesis and a great Pal.
ObamaCare: Spooky, yet kindhearted.
Crypt: 1v1 God, reason I became admin.
Luigi: Strict, yet friendly admin.
OnePunchMan: My CQC compadre from the olden days.
A L D A G: Below the Border Badass.
Plumpy: The real #1 Dodgeball Player from Panda and a truely great friend. Laughs I will never forget.
Grins: The Best all-around player I met while I was here, much love.
Anxiety: Awesome all-around person.
Butters: You're my dude, had great laughs with ya.
Failure: Scariest/Unpredictable guy out there, I expect to see you be the best around.
Misery: You're plain dirty, but one of my favorite players to play with.
TwoEggies: My inspiration of becoming the dodgeball player I am! You're the best dude, miss ya and love ya.
Cerberus: You're the man, haven't seen you lately but you're my first Nemesis and I miss ya.
Prick: You're adminstrating seemed a lot like mine and I like we had that in common. Good luck!
Axia: You don't come on much anymore, but I do hope you are doing well. I miss ya and wish we had more time on Dodgeball.
Rainbowz: I always enjoyed your presence here and I look forward to seeing you down the road!
Sudden: We had our hiccups, but it doesn't mean I disliked you. I make mistakes and I do hope you understand there are no hard feelings from me to you. I am happy for you guys. ;)
Mle: My first bind in TF2 and unsurprisingly my only. !hug MLE. I miss ya, hope you're doing okay and I miss ya.

Any names I happen to not mention doesn't mean you were important to me, please understand!

I'll see ya guys later, this isn't goodbye, just a time I need to leave and handle things at my work place. Good luck everybody!
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I'm gonna miss you, Squall. You and Plumpy were the perfect duo; always lighting up the server with laughs. Also, the 1v1 God title belongs to you 'cause you dominated all of our asses. Best of luck, and stay safe man.
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Miss you too, Squall! I wish you the best in your adventures to come.
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Sad to see you go Squall. I'll miss you! Good luck in wherever your life takes you next.
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Although you were only here for a short while, I'm gonna miss you. You were honestly one of the few challenges I had on panda anymore, and I'm proud to call you a great friend. I hope one day we can meet again, and maybe have another one on one, with different results this time ;). Until we meet again!
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A great friend and player.
Hopefully you'll be back soon mi amigo, had a great time and a lot of fun.
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Well man, I'll see you when you get back. Means a lot that you care enough to make a post like this. Love ya
I'm gonna miss ya Squall, and I hope life always goes your way. Or at the very least doesn't screw you over ^-^
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