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Cream Tea

Dec 16, 2019
This is about something that happened a few weeks ago but I didn't want to bring it up again until now. So I want to know what the official stance is on this.

The orders were simply to "afk in cells". So I was a fly engineer repeatedly stopping and starting the kazotsky kick. Now according to the server rules looping taunts such as the kazotsky kick are classed as AFK. The warden didn't like that and said "I don't consider stop and starting taunts as being AFK" but by the server's definition I was AFK. The warden never said no taunting allowed and I knew I wasn't KOS but I was still freekilled. A certain admin on the server at the time didn't seem to think the server rules mattered either.

Sure I may be a little nerd emoji here but I think I have a valid point.
I was there too, I also found it bs cause he should have said that you can no longer repeatedly untaunt and taunt or you'd be kos, which he didn't, he just said it ''doesn't count as afk'', which is not true
So I was a fly engineer repeatedly stopping and starting the kazotsky kick
This is a personal request to you to not be one of these people that thinks that a high pitched voice is funny. While it's not inherently breaking rules, it would be preferable to not be annoying.

So I want to know what the official stance is on this.
Doing any stationary looping taunts, such as the kazotsky kick in your example, is being afk. Even if you proceed to taunt and untaunt multiple times in a row.
Taunts that are not considered afk for example are the schadenfreude and conga. What the warden did is a false call. Either disallow taunts entirely or let them use afk taunts they way they want.
Same with the admin, although there is the possibility the admin was someone that didn't entirely know the jb rules and therefore wasn't sure what action to take.
he should have said that you can no longer repeatedly untaunt and taunt or you'd be kos
Coincidentally this topic suddenly came up today. As far as I am convinced, after talking with a few of the other admins, this order is invalid and therefore should be ignored.
If it helps, here are a list of all the taunts organized into three groups: looping taunts that are/can be stationary, looping taunts that can't be stationary, and non-looping taunts.

- Carlton (Scout)
- Bunnyhopper (Scout)
- Runner's Rhythm (Scout)
- Spin to Win (Scout)
- Homerunner's Hobby (Scout)
- Pool Party (Pyro)
- Balloonibouncer (Pyro)
- Scorcher's Solo (Pyro)
- Roasty Toasty (Pyro)
- Pooped Deck (Demoman)
- Drunken Sailor (Demoman)
- Table Tantrum/Boiling Point (Heavy)
- Russian Arms Race (Heavy)
- Soviet Strongman (Heavy)
- Bare Knuckle Beatdown (Heavy)
- Russian Rubdown (Heavy)
- Rancho Relaxo (Engineer)
- Bucking Bronco (Engineer)
- Dueling Banjo (Engineer)
- Jumping Jack (Engineer)
- Surgeon's Squeezebox (Medic)
- Time Out Therapy (Medic)
- Didgeridrongo (Sniper)
- Shooter's Stakeout (Sniper)
- Box Trot (Spy)
- Luxury Lounge (Spy)
- Travel Agent (Spy)
- Tailored Terminal (Spy)
- High Five! (All-class)*
- Flippin' Awesome (All-class)*
- Rock, Paper, Scissors (All-class)*
- Skullcracker (All-class)*
- Square Dance (All-class)*
- Kazotsky Kick (All-class)
- Zoomin' Broom (All-class)
- Mannrobics (All-class)
- Victory Lap (All-class)
- Fist Bump (All-class)*

* = Is KOS if someone accepts the taunt.

- Scooty Scoot (Scout)
- Boston Boarder (Scout)
- Panzer Pants (Soldier)
- Rocket Jockey (Soldier)
- Skating Scorcher (Pyro)
- Hot Wheeler (Pyro)
- Scotsman's Stagger (Demoman)
- Drunk Mann's Cannon (Demoman)
- Shanty Shipmate (Demoman)
- Texas Truckin' (Engineer)
- Mannbulance! (Medic)
- Conga (All-class)

- Any base taunts, including taunt kills
- Battin' a Thousand (Scout)
- Deep Fried Desire (Scout)
- Boston Breakdance (Scout)
- Trackman's Touchdown (Scout)
- Fresh Brewed Victory (Soldier)
- Solider's Requiem (Soldier)
- Fubar Fanfare (Soldier)
- Headcase (Pyro)
- Profane Puppeteer (Soldier)
- Party Trick (Pyro)
- Oblooterated (Demoman)
- Spent Well Spirits (Demoman)
- Bad Pipes (Demoman)
- Proletariat Posedown (Heavy)
- Texas Twirl 'Em (Engineer)
- Meet the Medic (Medic)
- Results Are In (Medic)
- Doctor's Defibrillators (Medic)
- I See You (Sniper)
- Killer Solo (Sniper)
- Most Wanted (Sniper)
- Buy a Life (Spy)
- Disco Fever (Spy)
- Director's Vision (All-class)
- Schadenfraude (All-class)
- Shred Alert (All-class)
- Burstchester (All-class)
- Second Rate Sorcery (All-class)
- Yeti Punch (All-class)
- Yeti Smash (All-class)
- Scaredy-cat! (All-class)

IK I'm a nerd
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I just say no taunting whenever I hear a fly... Oh! And no voice commands too.
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Tbh its incredibly difficult to Monitor but many people do it because they are used to say certain voice commands
If the whole red team is pyro and theyre spamming voice commands, how can you tell which one used the voice command?
if you dont give reds a lot of downtime between orders they cant taunt in the first place
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