Should I make a different version of Bianco Hills for trade_? (2 Viewers)


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Nov 17, 2015
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My comment on the Ideas you wrote

Not sure what you mean with control points. Could you maybe please explain by what you mean?

You mean basically rooms that you cant see until you enter a wall?

While i enjoy using spells and want to have them, i think that it would already be unfair enough for the hale when players also have the ability to use the rtd's. Maybe we could make a poll whether people want this or not.

I think one boss is already enough which is of course the hale. Having an additional AI boss would only make things much harder.

I personally think that we shouldnt have it, while the players have more time i think that it can be more unfair against hale than it already is.
This is a trade map adaptation not an update for the vsh version.

As for the actual map, the ideas sound pretty neat and might actually make me play trade more often.
Yeah I agree. Maybe no control points but spawn rooms and such sounds fun
I'm in need of suggestion, should I put the boss in the windmill "upcoming arena" or in the open and also should I put a secret button somewhere to summon it?

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