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Semicolon backslash

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Nov 22, 2017
Name: Semicolon backslash, I'd prefer to not share my real name.

Age: 16

Steam32 ID: STEAM_0:1:170849918

Permission to apply: Thread says open slots for NYJB

Online times: On weekdays I'm usually on after 4:00PM (EST) and can spend 1-3 hours if I have the time. Weekends I play basically when I want to.

Microphone?: Yes I have a microphone.

Previous admin/mod experience?: I used to admin NYJB for panda from about January 2019-August 2019 resigned due to server dying (which caused a lack of interest in moderating) and marching band deleting most of my free time

Panda servers you usually play on?: I mostly am on NY jailbreak and sometimes TX FF2 and NY 2fort

Do you have previous experience with sourcemod?: Yes almost 1 year of jb experience.

Reasons to choose you?: To get probably the one main reason this application would be declined out of the way I would like to apologize for administrating for zigigames jailbreak I admit that was not a smart decision (nor did I even do much for them anyways maybe joined server max of 7 times) I promise it won’t happen again and I hope this isn’t a deciding factor in my application.

Onto some more positive stuff I believe that all players deserve a warning before punishment and that an admins job is not to have the highest ban count but to make sure people know and understand the rules. Now of course I’m still going to use punishments when necessary as some people can only learn from their mistakes when they can’t use chat or connect but still I believe especially on a server like jb that has a younger audience punishments should be used more sparingly. Also jb is near admin-less with only 2 European admins for a NY server and the only American admin at bootcamp jb needs admins to cover times that the current ones can not.

Punishments/how you would do your job

There is a warning before every punishment (except mfk and racism) after that there is a 6 tier punishment system which goes as follows


General bans (exploiting,mfk,latespawning,etc)

1st 360 minute ban

2nd 720 minute ban

3rd 1440 minute ban

4th 10080 minute ban

5th 43800 minute ban

6th perm ban


Hacking/ddos threats

1st perm ban (send evidence to mentor)


General comm punishments (spam,racism,non-english etc.)

1st 360 minute mute/gag

2nd 720 minute mute/gag

3rd 1440 minute mute/gag

4th 10080 minute mute/gag

5th 43800 minute mute/gag

6th perm mute/gag


General teambans (failwarden,freekill,baiting,teamkill,etc)

1st 120 minute guardban

2nd 480 minute guardban

3rd 720 minute guardban

4th perm guardban

*only goes up to 4 due to guardbans only counting down while on server therefore they are longer.



1st Perm guardban and corresponding server ban


bans all 0 of them

comms all 0 of them

hlstats profile

1st application

2nd application

tagging all listed jb admins

@Bambi (ik u at bootcamp it ok if no respond)


@Ranger Ciri


Ranger Ciri

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May 9, 2016
I gotta say Semi, that is one ugly application you got there pal.

Anyways.. you handled the server extremely well back when you were an admin and I'm sure you haven't changed too much when it comes to it. Calm and active player with a good understanding of the rules, +1

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