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Samurai Jim

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May 31, 2018
- Your name and/or nickname
real name, Liam server names and nicknames - Samurai Jim, Jim, samurai
- Your age
i am currently 15
- Who gave you permission to apply?
This one doesn't apply to me because im am the age of 15 so i didn't need permission to apply For Jb Admin
- Your Steam32 ID
Steam ID STEAM_0:1:442842092
Steam ID3 [U:1:885684185]
Steam ID64 76561198845949913
- Your general online times and your timezone
my time zone is Atlantic Standard Time or AST. because im in Canada,NS. Like most people i have school, but my average play time on the server is about 1-3 hours, and the times i get on well i have a normal life, so i could play anytime during the day from 4-8 but i would have to get off at 9:30 because of school problems.

- Which of our servers do you usually play on and wish to apply for? Would you visit a broader range of servers in case of a report?

The server im applying for is Panda Community Jailbreak NY, thats the server i play on but i have been on almost all the servers, and play on them every now and then, and if there was a report i would be fully willing to hop on another server to deal with the problem.

- Do you have a microphone? (This is a minimum requirement for Jailbreak admins)
of coarse i do, i wouldn't be applying if i didn't and ask anybody thats plays Jb i use it quite frequently unless it breaks but if that happens i could get a new one in under a week.

- Your previous experience as Admin or Moderator

Not on tf2 but every time im on the servers i enforce the rules like an admin have been accused of being an admin and have been told i should apply so here i am ,i have applied to gmod servers before and got accepted but with the hacking incident that happened with me i had to step down i was only admin for about 3 weeks so

- Do you have experience with administrating with SourceMod?
no but with help I do know the basic commands for administrating yes like !ban !kick !mute !gag and i can easily learn everything i need to know with the help of my Friends zero and Justin and madact.
- Why should we choose you to be part of our team?
Meny reason one Being iv wanted to be admin on the server for a while now and grown enough Confidence apply here today also being on the Jailbreak days when we didn't have any admins was horrible, chaotic, etc and most has been stopped by madact,Justin,zero now yes but even when they are not on and i am. Chaos can still happen anytime and im tired of it, I try to enforce the rules best i can and it can be hard doing that without authority and like i said iv been told i should apply and people have accused me of being an admin. so people mic spamming free killing and just breaking the rules in general and i want to stop that from happening when the others are not online so ya. not the best answer but hopefully its worthy enough to give me a chance as admin

- Finally, please briefly explain how you would do your job, e.g. a general overview of your policies and punishments.
Btw this is a first draft also these are the times i think they should be banned but if there are required ban times for certain offences tell me in comments so if this doesn't get accepted i can change it in the next apply
Insulting/Non-English, Advertising

1- Warning
2- Mute/Gag For 120 Mins
3- Mute/Gag For 260 Mins
4- Mute/Gag For 600 Mins
5- 2,880 Mins
6- Perm Mute/Gag

Mic/Chat Spam

1- Warning
2- Mute/Gag for 360 Mins
3- Mute/Gag For 1,200 Mins
4- Mute/Gag For 1,800 Mins
5- Mute/Gag For 2,880 Mins
6- Perm Mute/Gag


1- Mute/Gag For 360 Mins
2- Mute/Gag For 600 Mins
3- Mute/Gag For 840 Mins
4- Mute/Gag for 1,440 Mins
5- Perm Mute/Gag


1- Warning & Slay
2- Server Ban For 360 Mins
3- Server Ban For 600 Mins
3- Server Ban For 1,200 Mins
4- Server Ban for 1,800 Mins
5- Server Ban For 2,880 Mins
6- Perm Server Ban

Call Abuse:
1- Announce Im on the server
2- Server Ban For 600 Mins
3- Server Ban For 1,200 Mins
3- Server Ban For 1,800 Mins
4- Server Ban for 2,880 Mins
5- Perm Sever Ban

Force Freeday/Fail Warden:

1- Warning and slay
2- Guard Ban For 240
3- Guard Ban For 360
4- Guard Ban For 600
5- Guard Ban For 1,440
6- Perm Guard Ban

No Mic on Guards:

1- Perm Guard Ban Till Mic Proven

Free killing (I will attempt to respawn any reds that were affected)

1- Guard ban For 360 Mins
2- Guard Ban For 600 Mins
3- Server Ban For 480 Mins
4- Server Ban for 720 Mins
5- Server Ban for 1,200 Mins

Mass Free Killing:

1- Server Ban For 1,800 Mins
2- Perm Ban

Tricking Reds as Guards:

1- Warn
2- Guard Ban for 120 Mins
3- Guard Ban For 360 Mins
4- Guard Ban For 600 Mins
5- Guard ban For 960 Mins
6- Perm Guard Ban


1- Warn
2- Mute/Gag For 120
3-Mute/Gag For 360
4- Mute/Gag For 600
5- Mute /Gag For 1,200
6- Perm Mute/gag


1- Ban For 9999999


1- Warn
2- Warn and Slay
3- Guard Ban 120 Mins
4- Guard Ban 360 Mins
5- Guard ban 600 Mins
6 - Guard Ban 1,200 Mins
7- Perm Guard Ban

Round Sabotage/Armoury Camping/Favoring:

1- Warn and Slay
2- Guard Ban 360
3- Guard ban 480
4- Guard Ban 720
5 Guard Ban 1,200
6- Perm Guard Ban

This is my first app dont expect to make it but i hope i have a chance at least

Justin | XplosiveAction

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Aug 22, 2017
While you are active on the server and I do know you to follow rules and enforce them at times, this application looks very rushed. You didn't take any time proof reading it for spelling mistakes and stuff, and to me that signals that you don't "fact-check" much so-to-speak. You know I have nothing against you and we are good friends, so take it from me when I say that if you want to be taken seriously with an application for anything (this applies to the real world too) you should re-read and write professionally, as that is the "first impression" you give to many people IRL.

Im going to have to give this app a -1 because of this, additionally even if it was a short one-off scream, stuff like that also leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. I do appreciate your activeness and rule-enforcing attitude, however.


Gameserver Admin
Staff member
Gameserver Admin
Jun 12, 2018
Samurai Jim is a friendly/active regular who I quite enjoy playing with on the server. He knows almost all the rules and is dedicated to staying updated with them. I do like this dedication to being a trustworthy regular, but from the recent things I've noticed about you on the server, I'm not sure about this application.

I don't see you warn rule breakers very often at all. Maybe it's cause you don't see any happen? Though I have been there at some moments where someone has done a nasty crime and you didn't say a word. Keeping quiet is never a good idea when you know someone is doing something they shouldn't be doing.

The main thing for me is the format of this application. It looks very rushed and it's very hard to read with all the spelling mistakes, grammar errors and general disorganization. If you want us to take you seriously, organization, being able to read it, and being professional are very important factors. They help us understand you care about getting the position and wanting to improve yourself. I don't see that dedication here, nor on the server.

You're a nice guy Jim, a fun regular, and a good friend, but after all I have said, I have my made my decision.



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Oct 4, 2012
if you're still interested please raise your session times in the next week otherwise i'm going to decline it.

app on hold/open in the meantime.


Gameserver Admin
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Gameserver Admin
Jan 2, 2015
Declined due to inactivity. You may reapply once you have been active for three weeks.
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