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Turn off guard criticals at a certain amount of reds and blus

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Mar 11, 2023
So what i want changed is the jb blu team crits but not at the start once there is a certain amount of reds it will be disabled like Five or less reds if they can do the coding


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But seriously this has been suggested like three or four times in some way shape or form, including only a month or so ago. Even if this suggestion is slightly different from the rest, I feel like the arguments supporting and against BLU crits are gonna be the exact same. Just plain old deja vu.
If you can figure out sourcepawn and edit the plugin, be my guest. A suggested ratio would be crits enable after reds outnumber blues at a split of 80%(reds) to 20%(blues). Quick note for the future, if the ability to do such doesn't exist, please either be willing to do it, know someone who will do it, or choose not suggest it. If a way to implement this exists and is able to be implemented please link it.
(I respect your opinion, and I understand classes like sniper or soldier are very unfun to rebel against with crits, but this matter is a worm-infested, decaying, dead horse)
why are we here...

Is it just to suffer?

this has been suggested many times before (removing crits) and at this point we already know that the majority doesn’t want this. And lets be honest that sometimes blu teams of 5 already struggle controlling the reds (let alone without crits)
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