Problem with connecting to certain servers - eternal "Parsing game info" (1 Viewer)


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Jun 6, 2022
I encountered a little problem with some certain servers - for some reason, whenever I try to connect to them, I get stuck at "Parsing game info"
These certain servers are:
- #7 (Panda MGE)
- #8 (Panda Class warfare)
Previously (like at 23th of May and before), there were no problems with these servers and I could play on them without any problems
This problem occurs only at these two servers - for example official casual servers or Panda's Randomizer (server "#24") work perfectly fine
What have I tried:
1) - verifying game cache
2) - extracting all non-vpk files from "tf" folder (inside "Team Fortress 2" folder) and reverifying game cache (redownloading 4+GB of files)
Anomalies encountered ?
- Previously, when I connected to these servers, for some reason game every time downloaded some files (if I'm not mistaking, they were called something like "engineer_voice.vpk")
What should I do and why ?
problem is fixed now, thanks
22.06.2022, after like two weeks or more of server "completely not working" and being stuck without players, problem got fixed somehow (by itself ?...)
Looks like no intervention have been needed, only patience actually...

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