Accepted Player Report Against FCV [Exploiting: Repeatedly Crashing US JB] (1 Viewer)

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May 19, 2023
Player Name:

ID32: STEAM_0:0:535669816
3ID: U:1:1071339632

Server: US | Jailbreak


Rules Broken:
Exploiting, repeatedly crashing the server, and giving detailed instructions on how to crash the server using the known Putin bug on Alkatraz.

"i alr figured it out" [Openly admitting to knowing how to crash the server]
"i love how kiryu gets blamed when i crash the server" [Shifting the blame on other players]
"im alr perma gb, every admin knows me" [Weird flex? Sorry for the console screencap by the way, I don't have the server chatlog bookmarked, but yeah, these should be in there.]

Someone else on the Discord mentioned FCV by name last night, not even 24 hours ago actually, breaking Alkatraz by getting the Putin secret.

Made this report because Semi gave me the green light and it just hurts reading this angst in the text chat when I'm just trying to chill out and have fun, and I'm pretty sure other players are trying to do the same, since the last screencap has someone calling him out for being a troll.

Also Cowboy said intentional crashes are permabanned.

Hope this was concise.
Accepted, thank you for the report.
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