Panda community's deathrun map pack. (1 Viewer)

Jun 23, 2021
i was wondering if i could get all of the maps that are for panda community's 9# deathrun server uploaded to mediafire or another public filesharer place so i can download them and manually put them in the maps folder. Because i cant download custom server maps anymore. Whenever i do i just get missing map error, I have tried loads of different things for about 2 months now to try and fix it. That includes reinstalling tf2 multiple times and trying out multiple different methods that have worked for other people that included changing stuff in tf2's directory and loads of other stuff. I would be really grateful and happy if panda community admins could provide me the map pack for their deathrun servers or all of their community servers in general because those are the only servers i play on whenever i want to play on any community server back when i could. I also played allot of freak fortress so if you could upload the map pack for that too i would be more than grateful. Sincerely, Nonedgypooter.

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