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Don't need a team.
Solo time :trollface:

I am back from the grave. @Das will be my teammate


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i wou,ld like to b e in yesyes :D

team with: umm uhh hmm i dunno im unsure of whom shall be selected by me hrmm

myself !!! :D


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Room for one more? If anyones free for a team and needs something im here I guess lets go

i wanted to do that but later
chae when im gonna beat yo ass on yugioh again also its over for y'all (solo)
If I can decapitate a man with a golf club, I sure as hell will kill you all.


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put me in with this pic and make me solo
A little bit of an update, since I just got back I'll start generating the results and posting it around Christmas timeframe. Now's the chance if you still want in, to change your Avatar, or decide you want to team up with anyone.

May the RNG gods be on your side ( I'll be a little busy unpacking and getting everything I ordered from Amazon sorted). Cya then!

Edited: Maybe I lied, I’ll still try to MvM and we’ll see how the VSH and FF2 server are as I might return. Not really much of a trader and Trade is generally dead. Sorry, no jailbreak since too many new faces and I’m sure others want the player slots instead.
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Sorry in advance for the mass pinging.
Assuming no more changes and no one else wants to join this is what I will generate (with all the pictures on the thread provided). Please let me know here or privately if you want to make any changes in regards to not wanting any players in specific on your team. Some extra note, I would recommend adding me in case you win (unless you want to wait for the 3 day new friend cool down). I will be posting it in the order it is generated so I'll apologize again in advance for pining you again (to notify you when you die).

Team 1: @DasBag @Joseph Papa Stalin @vinny
Team 2: @Madact @ZeroPC
Team 3: @_Black @BlaCk TriggeR @Michelin
Team 4: @FloofiVinny @Mark! @Semicolon Backslash @Zee
Team 5: @Aleksof @Flynt @Mister Jo.
Team 6: @Abject @Heather
Team 7: @baby @ItsNotCalassic @OpenDanger @Val_
Team 8: @chefgirl @Ian @punk
Team 9: @Redspike @Vecomti
Team 10: @Kazzy @Racer911-1
Team 11: @DasBag @Riobi
Team 12: @Axmanner @Individual
Team 13: @Caspie @Unique Name

@Chae @Bananawastaken @blood3y @Charles J. Guiteau @Chermal @Cowboy @crubf @Eryas @Fussica @Ghast @gokufan1986 @Husky @ImJustaTiger @Jim Bob @jkouts5 @Kenya Snake~ @koe @LilSpaceMan @Macko @Magglet @maxolotl @Mehgend @Nowtoad @Poacher @salguod @Seelkadoom @Snovarcho @Solar @sorelight @tehlinx @TRGGB2 @UberMedicFully @Valen

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