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Open The Points For Typical Attack/Defend Gameplay?

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Dec 11, 2014
Could I suggest that rather than having a TDM Dustbowl server, that you open the points and make it more of a public server as I believe this will attract more players to the server.

What I mean by a public server is like your typical Dustbowl, when you click quickplay and it takes you to a random server. This is more appealing to players and I think having 2 TDM hightowers is enough TDM servers. It seems a little pointless having a server up that won't attract many regulars.


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TDM Dustbowl? If I knew we had that I would have called someone a retard ages ago.
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We've had it for a while now. The player base is pretty much non-exsistant. I think that slight bump in the players in the image was me, Lukas and Evo joining.
I would join if the actual game worked.

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