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Jan 6, 2017
Having more admins cant hurt and even will keep the servers stay clean.
There are quite a few important points to know and understand.

First of all is that you can apply here to become an admin, but it is very important for you to read the "How to apply for admin" and "Available positions". While not something you're forced to do, it is a good idea to go through the Archived Applications and look at a few applications there (it is reccomended to mainly check the Accepted applications. Some Declined applications are also very good to look at).
When you want to apply for a specific server but cant find it in the "Available positions", then feel free to ask one of the 'Full Admins', not the Trial admins (like me currently) since we are basically students still learning how to administrate the server we are assigned to.
You can see all the Admins in the "Staff Overview" aswell the servers all admins are assigned to. As an example: If you want to apply for Deathrun, but its not listed in the "Available Positions" then ask one of these people assigned there (only the ones that are a full admin).

Second Important thing is that you have to get yourself familiar with the Forum here, Panda Sourcebans and HLstatsX since these are important for the Administration.

Lastly, while not required, its good to have a good reputation among other players in the community for a higher chance of having your application accepted.

If you were to apply it is very important to check whether you have 3 days playtime in that specific server or not, since many Applicants dont check it.

First things first is that you have to go to HlstatsX and pick the server youre playing on (in my case VSH #05)

Secondly to find yourself click on 'PLAYERS' above and type in your steam name (typing out your entire name is not needed), then clicking Search

And lastly just click on your Name/account you see. On that page you can see All the Info located in that server Including your time played.
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Mar 10, 2018




But tbh clicking on search is faster but we all got our own ways.


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