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Moss Finch

Jun 21, 2022
moss finch
Steam32 ID
Your age
I am 16 years old
Current playtime on relevant server(s)
11d 20:08:34h
Link to your Sourcebans record
Server you are applying for
US Hightower
General online times & time zone
I'm in the EST timezone and I'm mostly online from 5PM to 11PM on Tuesdays through Fridays, and am usually on after 11PM before I go to bed on Satuday, Sunday, and Monday.
Do you have a working microphone?
Yes, but I'm not the most comfortable with using it.
Previous experience as Admin or Moderator
I've owned and moderated several discord servers in the past, with my current two discord servers being semi-active and a very nice community is being made from them.
What would you say makes you a suitable candidate?
I like to think of myself as a nice person, and I'm very passionate about keeping the US Hightower server a nice place to enjoy the game and take refuge from the bot crisis.
I have two discord servers that I own and moderate, and I'm getting a very nice and non toxic community growing inside the servers.
I also plan to interact with the community even more beyond just playing on the servers I want to moderate and help grow.
I'm applying because I've seen so often that in the past, people have used /calladmin on the Hightower server only for no one to come. Issues like racism, bigotry, or innapropriate sprays plague that server and it's very disheartening to see. Even cheaters have been seen on the server with no admins to come and get rid of them.
I've been playing panda for as long as I've played TF2, it was probably the first or second coZmmunity server I've ever played.
Finally, please briefly explain how you would do your job, e.g. a general overview of your policies and punishments.
Communication related rules:
Advertising, Spamming, Speaking a different language: Warning, Slay+Warning, 1 Hour Comms Ban, 6 Hour Comms Ban, 12 Hour Comms Ban
Bigotry or Slurs: Slay+Warning, 1 Hour Comms Ban, 12 Hour Comms Ban, 1 Day Comms Ban, 1 Week Comms Ban, 1 Month Comms Ban, Permanent Comms Ban

Advertising cheats or bot clients: Permanent Comm Ban
Exploiting: Warning, Slay+Warning, 1 Day Ban, Permanent Ban after 7+ offenses
Cheating or scamming people: Permanent ban.
Inappropriate Names/Objectors: 1 Day Ban, 1 Week Ban, 1 Month Ban, 6 Month Ban, Permanent Ban
Inappropriate Sprays: Spray Ban
Using Alts to avoid bans: Permanent ban.


Community Manager
Staff member
Community Manager
Nov 8, 2014
Well another US hightower applicant. I'm wondering if you where somewhat informed to uneducated guess (Manulis) applying thus decided to apply :thinking: But that's not important.

So as you are a US hightower applicant and as you've realised the lack of response to calls; there are no gameserver admins assigned to US hightower so there is no required feedback for you. Due to this I will be giving you general feedback just to give you what you're doing that is correct or what needs improving.

Just going to copy and paste this section from the other US hightower applicant as I both suggest you start doing this during your wait of getting your application processed:
I would suggest you start by making some player reports so we can know US Hightower needs the demand for admins and that it shows your judgement / you handing out warnings to rulebreakers

Your application has all the information I need. Sessions are good. Chatlog at a quick glance is good. I see you're very talkative which is great that's good engagement.
Can't see anything that's alarming but I'll do my proper checks during under review.

Since I have all the information I need I'll just put this under review.
Any questions or inactivity during under review please let me know. Good luck ::):
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