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Mar 27, 2017
This is NOT a request for Kevin, this is something you can put in the files yourself.

Okay after talking to @P N N about some stuff, I decided to "make" a way to get rid of all of MLG Sniper's earrape by editing his sound files. If you do not know how or where the file goes, that is your fault.


- BGM is replaced by Jake Chudnow - Moon Men

- I toned down the sound of the intro

- All audio files except the ones mentioned above have been shushed

Idea stolen from:
@Nim-os he did this for himself and I wanted to do it but never did

I am not editing or fixing anything. You do it yourself, it's pretty simple. All you do is rename something to match it's mlgsniper_ counterpart.

Unlike you people, I'm going to be a man and not use this.
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