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Dec 31, 2017
Hey everyone. Guess who finally decided it was the right time to apply after wanting to for many years.


Steam32 ID:

Your age:

Current playtime on relevant server(s):
44 days

Link to your Sourcebans record:
Bans: Bans (oopsies)
Comms: Comms

Server you are applying for:

General online times & time zone:
EST, A rough estimate would be 3 PM EST until 12:30 AM EST. The latest I would ever become available in the day would be 6 PM, but I am typically available before that

Do you have the required working microphone:
Of course!

Previous experience as Admin or Moderator:
I was a high ranked admin in a Roblox group as a young kid!
No source game experience though. Just some knowledge on how some of the admin menus and commands work from what I've gathered from other admins in the past.

What would you say makes you a suitable candidate:
I think that while I am not perfect at the moment, I do believe I have the potential to be able to admin fairly well.
I enjoy Jailbreak very much, and I understand that previous applications have had concerns expressed to them about being overly-active and I would like to ensure that I balance my sessions with my real life as best I can. Jailbreak never takes priority over more important real life events. With that being said though, I do think that my activity is one of my biggest pros. I am always on whether its through times when the server is doing great and no one is breaking any rules, and I am on when half the server has broken a rule, which I believe I would be able to handle with proper warnings and bans being handed out accordingly.
And another big plus in my opinion is my patience. I see people improve by just having someone remind them that they can not bait. everyone. I only post reports when someone is going outside of this. If warnings don't do anything or it is intentional I will call that out and ban them from doing it again (or report for the time being). This willingness to be patient with players, while also being willing to push farther for bigger issues is what allows the server to flourish in my opinion, and being able to help in doing that will be a wonderful experience.

How I would do my job:
I would be very patient with people. Ensuring that they are at least given the chance to correct a mistake before punishment. Accidents happen.
However I also would not ignore instances where a warning isn’t needed. Sometimes big mistakes happen, or people are intentionally breaking rules, and those big mistakes, intentional or not, need repercussions.
I would also always try my best to get to the bottom of any situation in the game that arises. Whether its a kid not understanding why they died and screaming about it, or someone just killing all of the reds.
But in general, I would be as active as possible with my given schedule at the time, I would be open to criticism from both fellow admins and other players alike, and I would do my best to ensure that everyone is having a good time while following the rules. Because at the end of the day I just want both me and everyone else to have fun.

Comms and server bans:
1st offense: Warning
2nd offense: 12 hours
3rd offense: 1 day
4th offense: 3 days
5th offense: 1 week
6th offense: 1 month
7th offense: Permanent

Guard bans:
1st offense: Warning and a slay if needed.
2nd offense: 120 mins
3rd offense: 240 mins
4th offense: 480 mins
5th offense: Permanent

Spray bans:
1st offense: Warning
2nd offense: Spray ban

Intentional MFK: Permanent guard ban + 720 minute server ban.

Accidental MFK: 360 minute teamban first time, Permanent guard ban the second time.

Feedback is welcomed with open arms from everyone and anyone and I am always looking to do better in both success and failure so this application will at the very least serve as a very good look into how I have been doing vs. how I want to be doing.
Thank you for your time reading this. I look forward to everyone's responses!

(P.S. It's legend but with the word "meh" replacing the "le" sound silly gooses who've been getting it wrong for years)
Hi, I appreciate the application. I'd like to get more familiar with how you'd handle certain situations. I'll link a few videos below, let me know how you'd handle each one assuming you had admin buttons. Presume nobody involved has any prior history.

Clip 1 :

Clip : 2

Clip 3:

Apologies for the day wait. I just started a new job today and I am in the process of moving out of school while dealing with abysmal WiFi.

Now lets dissect these clips shall we,

I would begin by giving a WARNING to Jacktom 585 that voice changers and excessive usage of soundboards will result in a mute, and once/if the behavior continues I would place a MUTE onto Jacktom 585 for micspam (12 hours if we take the no history part to heart).

I would also give a little WARNING to ClankygamerYT that excessive cap usage will result in a gag. (This is only in the event that what we don't see in the clip happened to include them using caps exclusively like they were in the clips, but I thought it was worth mentioning).

The first thing I would do is place a permanent GUARDBAN onto Dr. Sex Premium for no mic as a guard, then I would force someone to be warden (if no one else does and assuming I am not a guard) and tell them to disable friendly fire, and finally I would respawn all of the dead reds. The round would then progress as normal with the new warden.


It seems to be a clear cut usage of a slur, so I would MUTE Djosaurus for slur usage and TEAMSWAP him as he no longer would be eligible to play as a guard.

I hope that this leaves a positive impact. I gave this my best shot and am hoping for the best. Thank you for the clips. I look forward to everyone's feedback.
Good answers to the questions.

Going through your chatlogs and looking at your overall behavior i think you are a very standout regular. I can't remember you ever causing issues and you've always been a charming person to talk to. You are knowledgeable about the rules and i can see that you are quick to answer questions about the gamemode. The only advice that i could give is for you to make a report or two during your app duration so we can know that you can operate a recording software and follow a format. The reporting system isnt too different to how we log punishments so showing us you can do them would really help us out.

Keep doing what your doing and try to make a report or two and i think you really have a solid shot of joining our team if you continue what you are doing.

Keep doing what your doing and try to make a report or two and i think you really have a solid shot of joining our team if you continue what you are doing.

Thank you for the feedback, and especially thank you for the +1!!!!!!!

I believe I have finally mostly fixed my audio levels in OBS and my mic no longer trounces the game audio or whatever small issues come up. (Ty scooty for telling me that my clips are mad quiet :p (the peak loudness was -20 dB on both in game and mic audio!!!!)).

I will be sure to file reports for you guys to hit with a "Accepted, thanks for the report."
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Hey Mehgend.
Responses to Cowboy's clips are spot on.
Personally don't see anything particularly standout about your sessions. They're nice no problems there.
You've been in the community for a while, which means you've had plenty of time to see how an admin would act in game, which I do think is a good thing. But it also applies to the most of the competition as well.
I am going to leave this with a +1 for now.
Keep it up and make a few reports if and when applicable to ensure this stays positive.

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