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Mar 26, 2023
Howdy yall,
It’s your friendly neighborhood Veeto here under a not so hidden alias haha.
I noticed a lack of CoC posts and community at all so this is where we can chat about how we’re progressing through kabaams super pay to win grind fest. I would like to start by saying panda has enabled me to pay attention to my girl more due to less grinding to i am grateful. Any haters need to hop on the band wagon.

Okay. So to start you can get until 6.2.6 the stitch Champion… very easily so with a good champion such as odin who seems to do more damage his s2 the more health the enemy has and rolling good counters to some debuffs. I got him to 10% but lack the hp and skills to activate dexterity enough times to nullify his invincibility buff. Im currently farming incursions for good t5 catalysts to get some tankier champions and hopefully stack revives… but now kabaam has shut down that possibility so i may farm tickets to get revives and finish 6.2.6

Special quests are a monster either way. You will require high special dealing champions and champions that match the requirements to make matches easier. 2k combos inc…

Back quests only require stronger champions that are required to NOT deal -95% damage.

So my advice. Farm arenas and incursions to get more champs.

Auto-clicker: bomb as fuck to afk, may be worth for some to pay for.

Speeder does not seem to work on the normal version, and i have not tried the other options. May test the game engine but my phone is not jailbroken.
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Is this jailbreak
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I have town hall 13 and decent leveled champions
th 11.
its official, we're gonna have's very own CoC clan
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Update***** 3/30/2023

Beat 6.2.6's stich ass Champion! strategy; used Silver Surfer 6* r1 to get to champion and switched him out for Colossus...and I got him down to 10% with my maxed 5* odin. SO from here I uninstall Panda Marvel COC and download the regular version.... Here's where the damn bull shit begins. I use Youtube strats to understand how to remove his invincibility buffs. So my strat was parry, 5 hit, parry 5 hit, then block/dodge through his unstoppable buff. I would then try to get dex and use an sp1 with logan and sp2 with odin. Sometimes the buff would not be removed despite my dexterity buff active. I then I used all my team revives and healing + 600 units to heal and get odin to live until sp3 and the dexterity buff. I was shaking with adrenaline and.... I DID IT! but the game glitched... it showed the invincibility buff was still active after i revived odin.... so i decided to tackle him with Old man Logan 6*r2 and SURPRISE!!!! the buff was GONE! So I immediately un-installed the normal game and replaced it with Panda VIP's version. easy hits with logans specials proved to be enough for his dark phase and [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]!!!! Good luck my fellow hackors! defeat this cheating ass game!

Almost at throne breaker!

Roster was;
Silver surfer 6*r1 => replaced with colossus 6*r1 || Old man Logan 6* r2 || Odin (Papi lol) 5* MAX || Scorpion 5* MAX || War Machine 5* MAX
seems like some shitpost

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