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Sep 16, 2018
Hey you! Yes you over there new forum user, I hope you enjoy your stay and don't go inactive but I can't control that. Anyways do you want to be cool, hip, or edgy? Then fear not since sister Chae is here to help you brighten up your profile and teach you the basics of how to manage your forum accouunt (Also this took like 2 hours to make).

(Also I know a lot of you just made your account to make a not so appealing admin application or appeal, but hey why not stick around while your at it and play on the server and even visit some tabs in forums besides necrobumping of course that's a nono!)

Part 1: The Name

Okay memers and plebs step aside, no one wants some weird name like; ILikeBigDogs12, OOpsIpoopedagaIn, OOOOOOOOoo, EpicGaymer12, or anything of the sort. So let's keep it simple choose a name (preferberbly your current Tf2 in game name/ name you are planning to use for a lengthy amount of time to easily associate you with)

1. Go to your profile, using the top right of your screen. Click on "Account Details" to go to your account.​


2. Go to "Username" and change your user name. Save when completed.​


(Note that if you want to change your username on forums again, you have to roughly wait around 3 months in order to change it)

Part 2: Your Avatar

Skim the web for an avatar of your liking, draw your own avatar, have someone create one for you, use an image or gif. There's multiple ways to be unique and be "you" or your virtual persona.

1. After finding your avatar, go to a resizing website/manually do it in paint ( personally use or​

2. Change dimensions to 400x400 even though it weirdly loads as checking for 192x192 but I digress. Save when completed.​


1. You literally just upload the gif into your profile... I mean why the fuck am I even doing this it's not that hard.​

(Note you can use to improve your gif by compressing it [see difference below])

[Coped From Online]

[Compressed - Removed Frames]

[Compressed - Reduce Color]

Part 3: Your Profile Banner

Another form of self reflection and uniqueness and means of expression. This is shown whenever someone clicks on your account or view your profile.

1. Okay let's cut the bullshit just resize it to around 800x200 (Codes says 728.8x200 so take that as you want).​


Part 4: Custom Signature

Primarily seen whenever you post something, this appears under you as another mean to express yourself ( or flex on others of your ranks in a specific server). Go to the top right corner, click on your profile and find "signature".

1. Okay I'm getting tired due to lack of sleep and looking at inspect elements. This is like Coding and CSS class all over again.​

2 . Legit just go to imagine or CRTL+P and drop your imagine/gif or upload it from your library. Save and profit.​

(Or hide it under "SPOILER")

1. Go to GameMe/HLstatsX using ( ).​

2 . "Search" tab, and search your Profile Name/Steam32ID.​

3. Find your profile and click on it. Find your forum signature and copy and paste it into signature. Save and completed.​


Part 5: Following/Ignoring

Dislike someone so much or just a simp and want to stalk someone? Well here's your answer of how to do these basic things.

1. Click on anyone's profile and press the follow tab to follow (stalk) them and what they post.​


(Note to unfollow simply, click unfollow ( it's like following them again)

1. Click on anyone's profile and press the ignore tab to ignore (they don't exist) them and what they post.​

(Note currently as of writing this thread you can't ignore the Owner or any admins just regulars and donators)

Part 6: Reactions

Pog, you say how you feel about how someone post, something they say, or meme xd.

1. Shown on previous imagines, is visible on your profile and projects a numerical value.​

2. To react go to any post and simply scroll down to a post and press the like button or hold onto it and choose a reaction (you can change them of course).​


Part 7: Posts

It all comes full circle back to your profile and it's basics.

1. You can use the magnifying glass anytime to search up key phrases or by members and specifically what they post.​

2. Alternatively you can go on the hard grind and click on your own profile/another person's profile and look at their posting logs to see what and where they posted it ( clicking on it will bring you to the post).​



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Sep 16, 2018
Note: after making the thread, had to remove some images (removed the ones in SPOILER for Part 2 since there was a limit on images for a thread). If you wants me to compress a gif for you or want to know how to do it try visiting the website or play around with it. It's relatively self explanatory, however if you have trouble I can show you how to do it step by step.

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