Accepted Mackot10's Ban appeal (2 Viewers)

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May 26, 2023

What's your username? Armand

What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:137930523

What is your type of punishment? Ban

Where were you banned from? Servers

Who has punished you? Madact

Why were you punished? He said i used exploits, but i was 12 year old, i dont even know what was this game

Why should we revoke your punishment? It was 7 years ago, since that, i got older and more responsible for my actions, i think everyone deserves a second chance mostly after so many years. Please.
Apologies for the late response

Appears to be linked to this report

It's been 7 years now and your reasoning is good.
Please refrain from using map exploits(places you're not meant to be intended by the map maker), making false calls (calling for things that do not require admin attention) and teaming(don't friendly with the hale all round / do your damage to hale & as hale) as you have in the past been banned for these. Below is a link to the rules. Any questions about them feel free to ask me.

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