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Oct 25, 2022

What's your username? Jester™

What is your SteamID? 76561198015947999

What is your type of punishment? Ban

Where were you banned from? Servers

Who has punished you? banana

Why were you punished? I took a 2-3 month break from tf2 as a whole and i join this server as its kinda my default (cuz quickplay sucks ass) and i joined blue was warden and i hear "Hey i Remember you" then i get perma banned so idk

Why should we revoke your punishment? Cuz i dont really know what i did, and if it was for something i did in the past im sorry i guess. Im not mad nor am i being a karen, i just want to know why i was perma banned for no reason. If i was banned for a valid reason for something i did in the past then im sorry for wasting your time i just was wondering what i did and why i was banned with no context. But to be more specific on WHY i want to be unbanned is bc im playing and non stop im getting shit ass wardens who 20% dont have mics and other times play like sniper or something and sit near a crowd and just kinda die and since im a veteran when i comes to this kinda thing(this last year alone iv put next to 500+ hours into several jb servers) i feel like having me as a warden would make rounds more fun. Anyways Guys I Have Been Jester and I Will See You In the Next Video, LATER
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that told me literally nothing. I also would like to be yknow, 𝗨 𝗡 𝗕 𝗔 𝗡 𝗡 𝗘 𝗗


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The last time you appealed you got re teambanned in just over a week because of this report.
Teambans have been a bit dodgy so certain old permanent ones somehow got removed, so I had to reapply the teamban.

If you’re an amazing JB veteran you wouldn’t get perma teambanned twice.
My mentor gets the final say but I don’t think this appeal should get accepted.
Report was valid hence this teamban is valid, I apologize for any confusion.

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