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Jul 17, 2018
Hello! I'm making a simplified version of our Jailbreak's rulebook because nobody is actually willing to read all those words.
I hope this helps any new players to the gamemode of Jailbreak and new players specific to the Panda Jailbreak server. The rules for our server greatly differ from most other servers, so I'll be pointing out the primary differences to help people understand what rules to focus on so they aren't broken just because you couldn't read all 4,226 words.

What is Jailbreak?
Jailbreak is an arena style gamemode. Each round takes up to 10 minutes, and you respawn at the start of every round. The Red team play as "prisoners," the Blu team play as "guards." At the start of each round, one of the guards is assigned to be the "warden." The warden gives Reds orders that they must follow, or else the guards will kill them. There are different objectives that Reds can attempt to accomplish, but for simplicity's sake, the primary objective of the gamemode is for the warden to weed out the Red team until there is one Red remaining and give said last Red a Last Request, which will change something for the next upcoming round. The last Red will also get a death request.

Now that the definition is out of the way, I'll list each role. I'll give the biggest rules to learn to get the basics down.


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Jul 17, 2018
Blu Team

> If you already understand the premise of each role and only need to know the specific rules for our Jailbreak server, read the underlined, colored lines. <

The primary job of a guard is to assist the warden in carrying out the round to give the last non-rebelling prisoner Last Request.

The basic rules that guards should know are below. Guidelines that mostly differ from other servers will be underlined, and orange.

You must have a mic to play on Blu, regardless of if you are warden or not. To be able to join Blu, use your mic and make any sound to verify it.

Protecting your warden is always first priority.

Keep the prisoners orderly. Kill any prisoners disobeying orders.

Don't freekill, or kill a red unjustly.

Give each prisoner a reasonable amount of time to follow each order. Reds are not AI. They take a few seconds.

Follow warden's guidelines. If you're asked to do something, the best bet is to do it. Legally of course.

Be an active guard! Be in the loop with the round and don't wander around clueless.

If somebody was given rebel status at anytime during the round, they are Kill on Sight for the rest of the round. Kill any rebelling prisoners.

You can chase rebelling Reds at anytime, regardless of what warden orders you to do.

You have guaranteed critical hits for the entirety the warden is alive. Use them carefully and to your advantage.

You are not allowed to rewarden if warden dies. There can only be one warden.

If you are the last guard remaining and you are not warden, you must actively hunt all Reds and attempt to kill them.

Keep your distance from the Reds. Make sure to also not bait the prisoners into rebelling.

You are not allowed to give any orders or attempt to trick the Reds in any way.

If the prisoner who was given Death Request tells you to participate in Death Request, you MUST participate.


The primary job of the warden is to carry out the round by ordering prisoners around to eventually get down to one non-rebelling prisoner. You are in charge of the round, essentially.

> For people from other servers, the simplified list of everything banned includes: <
- Days
- Orders through text chat
- Trick Orders
- Kill Orders
- First Reaction, Last Reaction
- Cell Wars with less than 3 Blu Team members from the start of the round

- Activating FF without warning or when the Reds are in too much of a close proximity of each other

The basic rules that the warden should know are below. Guidelines that mostly differ from other servers will be underlined, and green.

You must be willing to be warden to play on Blu to start out. If you are unwilling to be warden, you have to stay on Red. Unwardening is disabled.

You must give all orders through your microphone. They have to be clear and understandable.

Round time is limited. Try to give your orders quick enough to give Last Request in time, but don't rush. Take all the time necessary.

All orders given have to be fair to all Reds equally. You cannot favor certain prisoners over others.

New orders ALWAYS overlap old orders. The Reds are always obligated to follow the newest order given.

If you are giving class restrictions, you have to list all that will apply. "All class restrictions apply" is not valid. Class restrictions last for the entirety of the round unless you say otherwise.

Stay with the prisoners as often as possible. Leave your guards to do the hunting of rebellers unless you are left with no other choice.

If a prisoner gains rebel status, they can not be pardoned. They are KOS for the rest of round. If they never gain rebel status and only disobeyed orders, they can be pardoned.

Once you have whittled down the pack of prisoners to one NON-REBELLEING prisoner, give them Last Request.

The only commands that work to give Last Request are /givelr and !givelr.

Once the LR has been received and chosen, that last prisoner will get a Death Request. Death Request can last up to 2 minutes before the Red can be legally killed. Warden does not have to participate in the Death Request.


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Jul 17, 2018
Red Team

> If you already understand the premise of each role and only need to know the specific rules for our Jailbreak server, read the colored lines. <

Reds don't have a primary job as there are a plethora of ways to play on the Red team. Simply put, you are either a law-abiding prisoner, or you are a law-breaking rebeller.

These are law-abiding Reds that follow the warden's orders and typically participate in minigames to compete for Last Request.

Since prisoners don't have set guidelines, I will list all the things that do violate the rules. Refrain from doing such things as:
- Violating Panda's general gameserver rules.
- Delaying the round during Last Guard Kills All
- Exploiting map features that either delay the round or go against the intended purpose of the feature

- Crashing the server (just don't)

> The server specific guidelines that differ from other servers include the following: <

Being told to AFK implies staying AFM as well. The warden must specify you are allowed to freelook and move your mouse in order to not stay AFM.

Crouching, jumping, and doing non-looping or force-moving taunts is considered not being AFK.

Hitting Blus, even ones that are baiting or attempting to kill you unfairly will make you KOS. If someone is baiting, they will punished. Don't do the punishing for them or you'll be killed.

Doing map secrets will make you KOS.

Avoiding detours and delays is implied with every order. If you detour or delay in any way, you'll be KOS.

You are allowed to break all breakables on all maps, unless warden says otherwise.

Now, if a prisoner decides they don't want to abide by warden's orders, then they join the group we call...


These are law-breaking Reds that do not follow the warden's orders and will try to stop the warden and guards from carrying out a round and giving Last Request.

Again, prisoners don't have set guidelines. Rebellers have to follow the same guidelines as prisoners above. I will list all the things that turn a regular prisoner into a rebeller. These include:

Actions that cannot be pardoned
- Hitting a Blu team member
- Killing a Blu team member
- Grabbing ammunition
- Becoming a "final boss" by completing all map secrets on certain maps

Actions that can be pardoned
- Disobeying warden's orders
- Failing to complete warden's orders
- Entering armory, including jamming yourself in the armory door
- Entering vents that only lead to armory; only exit from the vent being armory
- Doing map secrets that will end the round or create a "final boss" if all are collected

One important thing to keep in mind when rebelling is to NOT DELAY THE ROUND. Be an active rebeller and try your best to hunt down guards as quick as possible.


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Dec 27, 2020
Doing map secrets will make you KOS.
The only map secrets that are kos are ones that give you ammo or end/win the round. For example, the freekill lord secret is kos, but the 8bit powerup secret is not.

Other than that, this is perfect. Very organized and colorful, which makes it easy on the eyes. Also the current rules have an unbearable amount of spelling and grammar errors.
Edit: I didn't realize bambi made an updated version recently, I was remembering how bad and unorganized the rule page was before that. Still this is a nice improvement

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