Is there a reason why !tp and !fp appear in chat? (1 Viewer)


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Feb 22, 2021
My questions stem from the need to have the two commands appear in chat, it seems to me there is no reason for them to appear in chat except traditions and for the player to able to see what they've written. Otherwise than that is there any other reason for them to appear?
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The command is advertised with the ! which makes all commands appear publicly. If you use / your command will not appear in chat, so /tp /fp . Other examples /wmenu /wff. You can also use sm_tp sm_fp for binding via console (i think never tried but should be correct)
Why is it advertised with ! ? Unsure, just is. Causes no harm
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I'd argue in jb it causes harm. There can be quite a lot of spam and when people ask for repeats it can be easily overlooked and !tp and !fp doesn't help the problem. Also there are already other rules to keep chat more tidier, wouldn't possibly removing these from the chat make it cleaner just like other rules?

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