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May 11, 2022
im birdy, im bird (probably??)

im 19 and very cool and awesome

i've been playing tf2 since 2013 when it came out as free-to-play, so I kinda know what I'm doing most of the time. I've been playing jailbreak stuff since I was 14 and did all the cringy stuff that young kids do in jailbreak so i get the reason why kids do that and don't get too upset at them.
i make music (not very good at it) and draw (also not good at it) as a hobby, headed into university to hone these skills into something noteworthy. Big history buff so if you ever want to talk about a random history thing I will totally be down to spout bullshit with you.

My top 3 classes in tf2 are pyro, soldier, and scout. I played scout competitively in comp 6's, soldier when I was younger for about 500 hours using my dad's old trackball mouse, and pyro currently cause I like the air poof and the fire stuff.

thanks for reading about me, if you want to know more ask, if not that's cool, im just here to hang out with people that are also here to hang out.

the guy under your bed

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Nov 13, 2021
hi :)

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