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Nov 8, 2019
Before you react with dumb because I criticise admins just know I appreciate the work they do. I love the direction that they're going in and I love how they enforce rules.
That being said if admin praise can be given then I should be allowed to be a little baby about something.

I was perma teambanned for mass freekilling, I KILLED THREE REDS.
"this is still an mfk. We've given mfk bans in the past to people who have shown intention to kills reds in the mass numbers, this is no different."

This report also had THREE REDS KILLED, maliciously mind you, but it wasn't considered an MFK.

Dismiss this is as me holding on to a grudge or me crying for nothing, how would it feel if you had to wait a month to appeal something that someone else got away with on a 120 minute teamban.
Sorry semi for being a baby in your dms :>
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Oct 4, 2018
What inconsistencies? If you can't see the difference between those two reports, then allow me to intervene. For the record, in jailbreak the rule of thumb for mfk's is 3+ people, or showing the intention to kill that many people. We try and follow this as directly as possible to avoid favorizing people.

First report shows a player with the intention to kill reds in a mass number (3+) but is an accident, not done maliciously but rather recklessly, which also results in another player joining in. Under normal circumstances all the jb admins would surely stack this normally (60-120). The player however has an extensive record of being guardbanned numerous times, therefore stacking comes into play. Enough so that it's deemed permanent.

Second report shows a player intentionally kill reds for false reasons, 3 to be exact. malicious or not, technically not mfk due to what we deem "mass" to be. Also, player isn't a repeat offender and it's their first time knowingly being guardbanned.

Maybe this will help clear some confusion?

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