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Jun 1, 2015
Your name and/or nickname
Husky / dwbl. / zannc

Your age

Who gave you permission to apply?

Your Steam32 ID

Your general online times and your timezone
Holidays - Whenever I'm free
School *now* - Since it's my last year and it's "important" I won't be *extremely* active
Greenwich Mean Time Zone (UTC+00:00)

Which of our servers do you usually play on and wish to apply for? Would you visit a broader range of servers in case of a report?
NY JB/Trade if not full
Yes I would join if I know the rules of the server

Do you have a microphone?
Of course, however I don't like to use it so I use chat more than mic

Your previous experience as Admin or Moderator
Moderator / Admin in Training - KDG Sep 1, 2016 - Resigned Jul 3, 2017
Trial Admin - Panda Community Aug 9, 2017 - Resigned Jan 20, 2018
Moderator / Admin in Training - KDG May 26, 2018 - Resigned Jun 26, 2018

Do you have experience with administrating with SourceMod?
Yes I do as I was admin on the servers before

Why should we choose you to be part of our team?
I was already admin here before, I am extremely active on the forums and when the servers fill up I am there aswell. I also already know quite a lot of the rules.

Finally, please briefly explain how you would do your job, e.g. a general overview of your policies and punishments.

Microphone / Chat Spam - Warning/240/720/1440/4320/10080/Perm
Insulting - Warning/240/720/1440/4320/10080/Perm
Call abuse - Warning/240/720/1440/4320/10080/Perm
Hacking - 9999/Perm

Freekilling - Warning/240/720/1440/4320/10080/Perm
Baiting - Warning/240/720/1440/2880/4320/10080/Perm
No microphone on blu - Perm
Sabotaging - Warning/240/720/1440/4320/10080/Perm
Failwarden - Warning/240/720/1440/4320/10080/Perm
Mass Freekill - 10080/Perm

Blocking - Warning/240/720/1440/2880/4320/10080/Perm

Other Info
Jailbreak GameME *can't be active if nobody is playing*
Jailbreak Sessions
Jailbreak Chat
Trade GameME *Poor activity because of me settling into school, if accepted will increase*
Trade Sessions
Trade Chat *Noob sniper was a joke with a friend*
Communication Bans
Previous Application 1
Previous Application 2
Previous Application 3

@Ranger Ciri

EDIT: Inserted Trade GameME/Sessions/Chat links due to request.
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Oct 4, 2018
Despite what kevin might think, Id be okay with giving you a chance. Whatever problems there was in the past year seem to be fixed. You’ve gone out of your way to change so I think that means something.

Onto the app, I think husky is a pretty good candidate. He knows the rules, has previous experience, and shows commitment for the servers with his reports/suggestions and what not.

As long as you get your activity up, it’s a +1 from me

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