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Aug 6, 2013
Follow these instructions before posting a report. Do not forget to use the template!

When posting your report be sure to include the following information from the rulebreaker;

  • Current Steam name.
  • SteamID (Unique ID on HlStatsx).
  • Which server the rule was broken on.
  • Any useful links such as their HLStats profile / SourceBans search
  • The rule or rules they broke.
  • The evidence that they broke the rule or rules above.
Evidence can be provided in the following formats;
  • Screenshots*
  • A video recording or a demo**
  • Chatlog provided on HLStats (URL)
* Screenshots need to remain unedited.
** Demo's may be provided via attaching to your thread or a trustworthy file host (i.e. Dropbox) If you do not know how to record a demo you may follow this tutorial. Click the following 'spoiler' for a tutorial on how to upload demos to the forum.
Step 1: Compress the file into a ZIP archive as shown in the picture below.

Step 2: Make a conversation or a thread and click the "Attach files" button.

Step 3: Post the conversation or thread and you'll find the file attached to the post.

Do note, the compressed (.zip) demo may not be bigger than 10 megabytes (MB). If your newly created .zip file is bigger then 10MB you can use another trustworthy like Dropbox or One Drive.

More information;
  • When recording a demo it's useful to use the command 'status' in console. This will create hard evidence against a play since this ID is unique for every steam user.
  • Find players by there SteamID (Aka Unique ID) here.
  • Find out if players are already punished here.
  • If you have multiple players to report, you may report them in one single thread. If you believe this report needs its own separate thread, you may create one.
Using the template provided below will speed up your report.
  • Steam name: <Rulebreakers name>
  • Steam ID32: <Rulebreakers SteamID32 (i.e. STEAM_1:2:34567890)>
  • Server: <Server #01/RTD>
  • Links: <HLStats link and/or SourceBans>
  • Rules broken: <List the rules the rulebreaker broke>
  • Evidence: <Include all evidence you've gathered to back up your report (i.e. Screenshots, Demos or chat log URL's>
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