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hehe troll

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Aug 22, 2017
Please note! I realize that the first half of this admin app is copy&pasted from the previous admin app, and it is explained later why.

"hehe silly (ooooooo silly!!!)"

Steam32 ID

Your age
17 (18 on the 10th of February!)

Current playtime on relevant server(s)
HLStatsX - Hehe Troll

24d 20:35:00h as of the 4th of January 2024

Link to your Sourcebans record
According to this site, I have 0 bans in total on any Panda Community server.
Comm bans
According to this site, my last comm ban was on the 4th of january 2023 (one year ago)
According to the Panda community forms, the last forum report against me was 1 year ago, on January 28th 2023 --
( if you want to research yourself -- click here )

(If relevant) Who gave you permission to apply?
n/a, the open admin apps.

Server you are applying for
Panda-community US | Jailbreak

General online times & time zone
Usually weekends from 14:00 (2PM) - 00:00 (12PM) CET on saturdays, and around 8AM to 16:00 (4PM) on sundays. There's a simple reason why: split parents, one address has a computer I can actually do stuff with, and one doesn't.
Current timezone of application is the Central European Time (CET) timezone. (GMT+1)

Do you have a working microphone? (This is required for Jailbreak admins)
Yes. I do.

Previous experience as Admin or Moderator (Mostly in games, other experience is valid if sufficiently relevant)
I was a Discord moderator in a 100k+ member server, which ran pretty smoothly.
I believe I also helped moderate two Minecraft server before once, which was pretty popular. yet.. it died out like a few months later.. But.. I was pretty good at helping with running it, from what I heard from others.
In terms of TF2 servers I've never been an admin, but from watching other admins do their job on the server, I'm pretty confident I can be an okay admin.
I've also been digging in how some commands work, and I'm really familiar with the Source Engine dev console.

Also, I know when someone is breaking the rules and I'd be more than happy to assist the current admin team in covering times where they aren't available.


(the part that follows now isn't copy&pasted from the previous app(s), i just think it's difficult to change the text to include the same information in a different way -- i did make tiny tweaks here and there)

What would you say makes you a suitable candidate? (Finally, please briefly explain how you would do your job, e.g. a general overview of your policies and punishments.)
It's been a while huh? With my 7th application I really hope this time I throw the dart into - or at least, closer - the bullseye.
With half a year that's passed since my last application, I feel like I've become a better person in general, and I'm constantly trying to improve - online or not. My social life's been blooming too and I'm feeling quite confident about myself.
I have good friends, and an education which I'm happy about. And as it turns out, I can actually apply some stuff that's being discussed in that education, in this admin app! How cool is that?
Jailbreak has been my kind of "im so done with this week"-weekend activity, it's not the absolute highest priority in my life, but it's something fun to return to after a hard week of school.

So anyway, in regards to my previous admin application back in June of 2023, I have been holding the feedback given in the back of my mind whilst playing Jailbreak.
I've been breaking less rules (I'm mostly talking about the false orders, but also the toxicity towards other players has luckily calmed down), I've become more loose with my rulekeeping - as in, I allow more fun stuff to happen, I don't instantly kill rebelling sandman scouts for instance - and I sometimes even ask people around me whether I'm an okay addition to the server. Mostly privatly in Discord/Steam DMs though, rarely in the server chat. Regulars can confirm this.

I feel that this graph explains best how I acted in the past:

I notice I'm becoming a little more strict lately, but I won't let it get as far as last time.

Previous apps
In the previous admin app, (#5.5) Banana (and technically Cowboy, Denzel and Semicolon too because they said their thoughts reflect Banana's) stated the following:
"your uptightness and strictness have been recurring issues since January (of 2023) and it sucks. We dont want a trigger-happy admin. Being an admin is more than just black-and-white decisions, there are grey areas and it's a balancing act that I dont think you can handle."
I do realize in my daily life for example that I struggle with "grey" areas. Situations where it isn't clear whether is either going one way or another; this is because of my autism. I'm honestly trying to improve this, but I think when those "grey" situations come up, I could handle them under some guidance from higher-ups. Then, with a gradual decline in guidance I could become an okay addition to the team.
And with one year that's passed, I think that a person can change a lot in that time span.
How I see the bit above, explained with a graph:

Okay fine, I'll mention admin app #4 too while I'm at it. It sucked. In hindsight I wasn't even trying to make a serious application.
However, Racer did say something that is important to remember down the line: to tone down the toxicity and rude responses, what has obviously been quite valuable for me, but mostly for other server members. As I said earlier, this is what I've been doing and I feel like the community is.. more "okay" with me now? If that makes sense?
App #3 was invalid.
Admin application #2 and #1 was basically me dipping my toes into the water, and all of the points mentioned there have been taken into account and consideration already.

Phew, talk about a personal admin application.

Rule enforcement:
The punishment ladder that I will enforce will look something along the lines of this:
1st infraction - 6 hours
2nd infraction - 12 hours
3rd infraction - 1 day
4th infraction - 3 days
5th infraction - 1 week
6th infraction - 1 month
7th infraction - permanent

1st infraction - 120 minutes
2nd infraction - 240 minutes
3rd infraction - 360 minutes
4th infraction - 480 minutes
5th infraction - permanent

Closing words
I do realize that there are a lot of applicants as of this time around, but that won't stop me from attempting to throw this application into the mix anyway!
I do wish you guys the best of luck with your apps! <3

I really am curious where this dart lands, and I hope I can help you guys soon on the moderation team! <3
Kind regards,
Hehe troll.
Pretty impressed with the level of thought into this app. Youve just recently been let back into the community discord and you are starting to turn around your previous bad reputation. I don't want to swat down this application just yet but the admin team will be keeping tabs on how you interact with the community and see if you have truly changed as you say you have.

For these reasons, my vote is on hold for now. Use this precious time to listen to the feedback of my colleagues and continue improving your relationship with the community.

Prove to us that your words aren't just words.
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Gonna agree with Cowboy on this one. The times I’ve played with you on JB you’ve been pretty good but I wanna still watch you more closely to finalize my opinion.
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A little addition to my app:
As I've quoted:
I have good friends, and an education which I'm happy about. And as it turns out, I can actually apply some stuff that's being discussed in that education, in this admin app! How cool is that?
And from a test called the "DISC test", it turns out:
disc profiel.jpg

DISC-Test ColorMeaningKey wordsPositive aspect ; Negative aspect
RedDominanceExtravert, impatient, certain, determinedStrong-Willed ; Unrelenting
YellowInfluenceEmotional, happy, lively, optimisticEndearing ; Superficial
GreenStabilityFriendly, sensitive, calm, patientPersistent ; Inflexible
BlueConscientiousnessReserved, careful, disciplined, rationalAccurate ; Pedantic

I am mostly a stable person, which means I want a calm environment, but I am bad at picking up things on my own and I like a sort of routine.
In other words, I just need some assistance here and there.
I just want to get that point clear in your judgement about me.
Heya there Hehe, thank you for applying

let get right into it

it seems you have put a lot of effort into your application. You’ve had a pretty bad reputation in jailbreak for some points, i will not Re-mention this since i think its already generally clear/well known, with that said i have seen great improvement in the way you act/are in the server, and i am glad to see that you are able to calmly handle people still making fun of you (obv its wrong of them to do this but its great to see you have found a rythm to stay calm in these situation)

i would be open to give you a chance in the admin team, but i have noticed a you are still pretty trigger happy on blue team, and still cause freekills often (or at least when i was online on main or watching you on a alibi), a few days ago i had to warn you that you could be teambanned for one more freekill (for context for the other admins, hehe was not watching out with her flamethrower and freehit multiple reds in a big group, and she had also freehit the entire red team with her shotgun trying to kill a rebeller in the crowd.

with that being said i dont see this as a major dealbreaker but with how many applications we have i obviously have to be a tad bit more strict, and obviously you should not make these mistakes again when admin, since you are supposed to be a role model (we’re all human and sometimes make these little mistakes, its not like i’ve never freehit someone on accident, and since it was not intentional i dont see a reason to turn it into a -1

So you have shown you are able to improve and change, which i am happy to see! However i think you might need a little bit more time in the oven, thats why i am leaving this at a NEUTRAL, i might change this later in the application progress, but i would also like to see what the other admins have seen of you recently

Good luck on your app! And keep improving!
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Fairy pretty much nailed it, the same words always pop up around you and I hope this is the app that turns things around, you clearly care, which is the hard part!
Take it all in stride, make sure to read up on old feedback on your other applications, its equally as important.

For now I don't see you becoming an admin, but never say never
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I’ve dreaded responding here because I will just rip this apart, just know it’s a - 1, also all these useless visuals are unnecessary. Take the points above if you plan to reapply
Hi Hehe Troll, I think your application is funny and has a lot of thought put into it. However I don't know what much else to say other than that, if I were to be honest. I personally haven't seen you cause issues in my time with playing with you, but I am aware they have happened. While I am rooting for you in terms of a redemption arc, and am glad to hear you've been more positive and turning yourself around, I have to go with neutral as I just don't have enough to make a final decision for either atm.
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I have yet to video quiz you like the other applicants because frankly the way you handled the outcome of your prior application being declined has entirely soured my view of you and I'm sure other folks who witnessed what happened can understand where I'm coming from with this. If another admin wants to take that up they can however I am a hard -1. Good luck with the app.
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I’m gonna piggyback off of Ian and crubf and go with a -1, sorry.
You've made some improvements, but i believe there are stronger applicants than yourself. Maybe next time.

As my colleagues have stated above you have definitely shown improvements overall and I would like for you to keep on improving through your chatlogs and reports, however I think there are far stronger applicants.
I will be giving this app a -1
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After reviewing feedback and votes unfortunately your application is declined.

Please make sure to apply the feedback before if you reapply in the future. You can reapply in 1 months time, 20th of March 2024 so long as US jailbreak is open for admin applications. If not you will need permission.
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