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hehe troll

Aug 22, 2017
hehe troll (she/her) #savetf2

Steam32 ID
[this is NOT a profile link; you can find out how to get your steamID here: ]


Your age

Current playtime on relevant server(s)
[Found here: look up your name or ID and check your profile in the relevant game mode]

5d 04:06:55h is my current total playtime on this server.
Link to the page:

Link to your Sourcebans record
[Found here: search for your Steam32 ID, not your name]

(If relevant) Who gave you permission to apply?
Madact (They told me at my previous application to re-apply after the 18th of September)
(and EXACTLY on the 18th of September i will apply.)

Server you are applying for
" US | Jailbreak"

General online times & time zone
Usually weekends from 14:00 (2PM) - 23:00 (11PM) CEST on saturdays, and 9AM to 16:00 (4PM) on sundays
Current timezone of application is the Central European Summer Time (CEST) timezone.

Do you have a working microphone?
(This is required for Jailbreak admins)

Yes, I do. I played on the guards team multiple times and I love it.

Previous experience as Admin or Moderator
(Mostly in games, other experience is valid if sufficiently relevant)

I have helped moderate a very big discord server before, I know how the rules of Jailbreak work (as backed up by my amount of bans/gags :) ) and I know when someone is breaking them.
I have called out people who break rules on (voice) chat many times before, and usually the rule breaker will stop when I, together with others, warn them about what they're doing wrong and what they can do better. (See chatlogs)

Also back when I was 14 I helped moderate a Minecraft server.. that died out like 2 months later
it was fun and organized tho. :)

What would you say makes you a suitable candidate?
(Finally, please briefly explain how you would do your job, e.g. a general overview of your policies and punishments.)

I would really like to support the current admins in the moderation job, and I've been looking forward for a really long time to becoming an admin for I was told by feedback from the previous application that my timezone was what the team needed.
I have worked my way up from being a complete stranger to becoming a well-known member in the community.

Honestly, the real admin application is all the people I've met along the way. Honestly it's been such a fun ride from start to finish, and I love every minute of it. even though there's only 10 for each round
I love every interaction with all the people I've met, from the micspammers to the mfkers, the admin abusers and the little chil- uh,  special people. Ahh the wonderful world of jailbreak!

Here's the ladder of punishment I will enforce:
First Ban: 12 hours
Second Ban: 1 Day
Third Ban: 3 Days
Fourth Ban: 1 Week
Fifth Ban: 1 Month
Sixth Ban: Permanent
All of the time periods above are for seperate infractions, so whenever someone gets gagged, the amount of gags goes up one step up the ladder but mutes don't count up for that. (hope that makes sense)

actually the main reason i wanna apply is because i can funny rtd command abuse

I really hope I can help you guys soon on the moderation team! <3

Kind regards,
Hehe troll.


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hehe troll

Aug 22, 2017
guys i will openly admit i am very stupid

apparently i don't have permission just quite yet to apply cuz i didn't ask semi
my fishbrain thought that Madact telling me to re-apply past the 18th of September would automatically give me permission to apply, but turns out i was embarrassingly wrong.

so um, another apply down the flush

just gonna cry in a corner rq brb

Semicolon Backslash

Gameserver Admin
Staff member
Gameserver Admin
Nov 22, 2017
Since applications are closed you must receive permission to apply. You may get permission from a jailbreak full admin or wait until applications open.

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