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hehe troll

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Aug 22, 2017
Hey ho!
Gosh, is it really that time of the year again?

Right. I'll just cut to the chase. After being on the server for another 5 months I think I have recovered from a deep fall and have gotten a decent hang of myself.

My name is Hehe Troll, 18 years old, and I wish to become an admin for this server.

The same ol' stuff as before.

"hehe silly (ooooooo silly!!!)"
Steam32 ID
Current playtime on relevant server(s)
HLStatsX - Hehe Troll
32d 12:50:18h as of the 20th of May 2024

Link to your Sourcebans record
According to this site, I have 0 bans in total on any Panda Community server.
Comm bans
According to this site, my last comm ban was on the 4th of january 2023 (well over one year ago).
If you want to be really nitpicky, I got teamswitched a few days ago for being AFK on blu accidentally, but that's as far as that goes.
According to the Panda community forms, the last forum report against me was 1 year ago, on January 28th 2023 -- ( if you want to research yourself -- click here )

(If relevant) Who gave you permission to apply?
n/a, the open admin apps.
Server you are applying for
Panda-community US | Jailbreak
General online times & time zone
Usually weekends from 14:00 (2PM) - 00:00 (12PM) CET on saturdays, and around 8AM to 16:00 (4PM) on sundays. There's a simple reason why: split parents, one address has a computer I can actually do stuff with, and one doesn't.
Current timezone of application is the Central European Time (CET) timezone. (GMT+1)
Do you have a working microphone? (This is required for Jailbreak admins)
Yes. I do. A really good one, that is.
Previous experience as Admin or Moderator (Mostly in games, other experience is valid if sufficiently relevant)
Discord admin & a few minecraft servers.

Rule enforcement:
The punishment ladder that I will enforce:
1st infraction - 6 hours
2nd infraction - 12 hours
3rd infraction - 1 day
4th infraction - 3 days
5th infraction - 1 week
6th infraction - 1 month
7th infraction - permanent

1st infraction - 120 minutes
2nd infraction - 240 minutes
3rd infraction - 360 minutes
4th infraction - 480 minutes
5th infraction - permanent


(the part that follows now isn't copy&pasted from the previous app(s), i still think it's difficult to change the text to include the same information in a different way) (lol again)

What would you say makes you a suitable candidate? (Finally, please briefly explain how you would do your job, e.g. a general overview of your policies and punishments.)

If I'm going to be very honest, 7 (valid) admin applications later I think that this time I will hit that damned dart right in the bullseye. With a blindfold. And some damn confidence.
Also no useless visuals this time, promise.


I'm not going to re-mention feedback from applications 1 through 5(.5) since they have been engraved into the way I play on the server.
Here's some of the feedback points I find most important from the previous application back in February:
Prove to us that your words aren't just words.
In my humble opinion, I think I have shown decent progress towards being a likeable regular. Most people recognise me and are happy I'm on the server. I really like the server, and all the funny, whacky and silly people there. And as weird as it sounds, the less funny people ( i.e. mass freekillers, micspammers, slurbaiters ) really just add to the pure chaotic mix that is jailbreak. And I'm all in for that.
hi silly.png

So... would this count as a decent turnaround..? I'll leave that up to you.

i am glad to see that you are able to calmly handle people still making fun of you
These days I have less urge to call people who insult me slurs. I either ignore them or call them mean and move on with my day. If they make fun of me for sounding dumb for example then that's their fault, not mine.
Plus, insulting people won't get you anywhere, it'll just create more unnecessary drama and fights and nobody is waiting for that.

i have noticed a you are still pretty trigger happy on blue team, and still cause freekills often
I really try to calm myself down when I see a rebeller and not instantly shoot them through a group of REDs, but again, the little voice always returns and says "but they're a rebeller! and you can't give a rebeller LR! especially not that sandman scout! what if the warden will be confused? you must prevent that!" because I am a person who wants to help others. ( mainly the warden. the rebelling scouts can just go KILLBIND!! *thunder* )

Though, I try to let fun bits happen more and not just instantly killing off the rebelling person.

bring back my old baby menu.. please..

Note: This second clip was before the overtalk feature was enabled. Since then I have had a wake-up call to keep quiet while the warden is giving orders. (also its obviously an old clip, as you can hear from my voice loll)

However i think you might need a little bit more time in the oven
I think 3 months is more than enough to see a person change, but please do inform me if that's not the case! I'd happily wait a little more if you guys think I'm not ready for this position yet.

Self-reflection is important, and I have been reflecting alot these past few months. Discovering things about my autism, about who I am, about myself in general and I'm raelly feeling happy again after these chaotic few months. I think I would be a very good addition to the team. ( as others have said before, but there were better applicants who definitely deserved the moderator status. )

One last thing I do think needs to be mentioned; my reports on the forums.
These few months they have been lacking, but that's because I was too busy with other things ( mental health, school ) and just wanted a chill time on JB to clear my mind. However, right now I am in a better mental state and more than happy to take the admin responsibilities on me.
I have been using the !calladmin command wherever I could though.

Closing Words

This was my presentation about why I should become moderator for the panda JB community. Any questions?

In all seriousness, to the other applicants; you definitely have the right to get that hard earned moderator status! :)

Hopefully I will see you guys soon on the moderator team!

Kind regards,
Hehe troll.

no rtd commands were abused in the making of this application
Hey Silly. I would wait for cowboy to quiz you, but I've seen how you handle players from seeing you in game to have a solid feel as to how you are as a player.
I'm going to keep it quite short.

I don't think you're fit to be an admin.
Now. I don't mean this to be a dig at you as a person. You're chill and don't really see much issue with you. But to be frank. You just aren't mature enough unfortunately.
Your namesake does kinda say it all. You have a little bit too much silly and I don't see you being able to correctly punish players and maybe being too lenient.
Your 2nd clip there. I don't think it really shows you in a good light, your antics have caused you to overtalk warden in that scenario. To note, Admins by default bypass overtalk.
Your slightly more chaotic nature, is really not what I want to see on the admin team at the moment.
You have room to grow but I was kind of hoping you would realise yourself that you aren't quite ready on this application season and held off. Especially against the strong competition.
I'll be leaving this application with a strong
If you want to reapply in the future, I would wholeheartedly say wait at least until 2025. I want to see you bounce back later, I want to see a more mature version of yourself that'll be worthy of joining the admin team.
Gonna leech off of SriKrookadile here. We have a lot of strong candidates right now so I don't think you're quite ready yet.

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Tried to warn you that applying might be not in your best interest but i appreciate the attempt nontheless.

Your growth is tremoundous but our current batch of applicants have a much stronger case than you do.

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Hi Silly!

You've shown improvements as a person but as cowboy said, the current competition is pretty strong. Neutral
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Hello hehe, i would give my broad opinion on you but with your inappropriate behaviour in chat tonight it will have to be a -1

it clearly shows you are currently not ready to behave like an admin
I have to agree with Fairy and the others, I don't think I know as much about you as the others, but what I've seen thus far shows me you need improvement. -1
My vote will have to be Neutral, I've had sessions with you that were perfectly fine and enjoyable, but as mentioned above, it seems you need improvement
After reviewing feedback and votes unfortunately your application is declined.

Please make sure to apply the feedback before if you reapply in the future. You can reapply in 1 months time, 4th of July 2024 so long as US jailbreak is open for admin applications. If not you will need permission.
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