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Nov 8, 2014
I've moved the thread to the proper area.
Also we're going to need the steamid and name of the reported player otherwise we cannot continue.
Here's the template:

  • Current Steam name.
  • SteamID (Unique ID on GameME).
  • The rule or rules they broke.
  • The evidence that they broke the rule or rules above.

Anybody else want to go above and beyond to find it out for them feel free. If it's on a server running gameme it's a good chance to grab it but if it's hlx stats it'll probably be tough. ( if the demo did a status in console, lmao even better!)
I'm not sure what server it is as I haven't checked the demo.


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Nov 30, 2017
Just watched the demo, there is no evidence of cheating at all, the demo is just a recording of the OP playing as Scout while another player gets a few kills as Sniper.

You need to gather some evidence which clearly shows the accused of cheating (not that we have any idea which player you are reporting) for us to take action. I suggest moving to spectator and recording anybody you suspect is cheating in FIRST person. Once you have more evidence please create a new report following the Report Template (also provided by Madact above).

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