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Oct 23, 2020
There are some settings that can make tf2 always record a demo.

This is a good thing to use to have more evidence against rule breakers. With these settings you will ALWAYS have evidence against rule breakers. This will allow a person to be caught easily. This is also good if you have a very high kill streak and you just want a recording of it.

The way this works is that if you have ds_autodelete set to 1, it will automatically delete the demo file if nothing is done with it. So there should be no worries about demo's taking disk space since with this settings it records all your matches.

All you have to do is copy and paste this in the console:

ds_enable 2;
ds_sound 1;
ds_log 1;
ds_notify 2;
ds_min_streak 100;
ds_kill_delay 5;
ds_dir demos;
ds_prefix rec;
ds_autodelete 1

You do not have to re-enter this every time you start tf2, putting this in your autoexec.cfg is also not needed. Once you paste this in the console the settings will stay like that. Another thing to note is that you do NOT have to enter them one by one, just copy from ds_enable to ds_autodelete and paste it all in the console.

When you see someone break the rules, simply type "ds_mark name", alternatively: ds_mark "name"
Name can be replaced with anything, I'd recommend something involved with the current situation for example the player name of the rule breaker so you can easily find the demo.


Where are the demo's exactly?

By default they're stored in the tf/demos folder, if you just copy and paste the code above.

What does each command do exactly?

This enables the demo support. You can set it to 3 options:

0: This disables automatic recording, you will have to record everything manually.
1: Auto record Competitive matches only
2: auto record everything
3: auto record tournament matches, this means casual and competitive.

ds_sound: This one is pretty self explanatory:
If set to 1: plays a sound when it starts recording
if set to 0: Will not play a sound when it starts to record.

If set to 0: Will show recording notifications in console only.
If set to 1: Will show on chat and console.
If set to 2: Will show on chat, hud and console

ds_log 1:

Will put things like kill streaks in a chat log, if you have ds_autodelete set to 1 then just enable this. You won't regret it.

ds_min_streak: 5 - 1000+

Saves a demo once the set amount of kills has been reached within the time set on the next command.

ds_kill_delay: This is the amount of time it takes to reset the killstreak counter. So now lets say for example that you have set ds_min_streak set to 5 and ds_kill_delay set to 10 then you must make 5 kills within 10 seconds to automatically mark a recording. ds_kill_delay is basically the time it takes before the kill counter resets. This also applies to non kill streak weapons.

ds_dir: This one should be set to demos because demos is already a separate folder made for demos so there is no need to change it.

ds_prefix: This is the name of the recording. So if it's set to rec it will give the file name rec instead of a long file name with a date on it.

ds_autodelete: This basically automatically deletes a recording if nothing is done with it.

Some commands that you can type in game:

ds_start (don't type anything beyond it, it will automatically generate a name). This will start demo support if you have it set to manual. So it's not needed if you have ds_enable set to 2

ds_stop: this stops the recording

ds_mark "name" this marks only a certain event.

Thanks to thread on blackwonder by: Not Melectrome
Full demo support guide | BlackWonder.TF | Forum

I've found out about this by his thread, it is just so good to have ds_enabled that I wanted to spread it.


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Jan 9, 2019
Well even tho we already have both guides for manually or automatically recording demos. This one is a bit more detailed about each command you can use on the console. I would say it's nice to know a bit more of such stuff then.

Thank you.


Oct 23, 2020
A quick explaination why you should always type status in the console before stopping the recording:

Typing status in the console will output all unique id's in the console while the demo is being played. Admins can use this to match the id of the person in the report to match the id of the person in the demo. This makes the evidence even more certain for admins and that it's not another player with the same name.

Not is this only useful for player reports, but also for map reports. e.g the map dr_nighttown is at a dangerous usage of edicts. Typing status in the console displays the total amount of edicts being used by map entities, player classes and cosmetics / 2048 max edicts available. (It's still unlikely this map will ever crash the server though)

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