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Declined GuardBan Appeal

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Pie, Oct 10, 2018.

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  1. Pie

    Pie Member

    May 25, 2015
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    Name of your Banned Steam Account:
    Steam ID:
    Date and Time of the Ban:
    I was Unbanned on Sep 1 I believe so ~Sep 1, 2018
    Reason about the Ban:
    I was unbanned from a Perma Ban, so Madact decided to teamban me until I "regained my trust"
    Admin that Banned you:
    Why should you receive a unban for the ban:
    I Hope I haven't done anything negative on the servers since the Unban. Don't know If that's enough though.
    Playing on the Red team can get boring and since I usually play on the Blue team on Other servers, I'd try on this server aswell.
    PS. Jb_District has been listed as "To Add" So I'd play on Blue to guide the Blues on spots, other Tips.
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  2. Madact

    Madact Gameserver Admin
    Gameserver Admin Contributor

    Nov 8, 2014
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    I would like to see more of you on the server and to give it another 2 months just yet till I'll consider removing it.
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