Selling God tier spell combos (1 Viewer)


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Mar 18, 2020
Have -
🟪👣1/1 Chromatic + Headless Horseshoes footprints Unique Fed Fightin Fedora - listed for 125keys👣🟪

🟪👣1/5 Chromatic + Headless Horseshoes Footprints Unique Killers Exclusive - listed for 150keys👣🟪

🟪👣Chromatic + Headless Horseshoes Unique Crones Dome - listed for 200keys👣🟪

These are all god tier matching combos, and all hats are full paint region.
I am open to offers on these items! Preferrably pure! I can take CS2 items too!
Use Trade offer, or add me on steam, or msg me on discord Hedgehog#7944
Bump -
Brokeing god tier spell - 1/5 unique doublecross comm with spectral + rofp - 70keys

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