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Nov 8, 2014
Your Steam ID 32 is used on sourcebans and hlxstats to identify you without having the complications of using your name to search when you could have a similar name to other users. Don't want to be mistaken for someone else, now do we?

Fear not as I have made this guide so you can find your STEAMID without visiting any dodgy sites!

Step One: Open up your steam client. At the top left, select your user and then select 'profile'


Step two: Once your profile is loaded, right click on the page and select 'Copy Page URL'

Step 3: Visit the following website in your internet browser: (Do not copy this as you will lose your copied steam URL from the previous step, just click the blue text)
Paste your copied URL into the search bar on


Step 4: Hit the search button, your steamURL should look something like this below. Sometimes you'll have numbers instead of your username at the end of that. That's fine it's still a valid url!


Step 5: Your STEAM ID 32 is 3rd from the list. Copy this Steam Id and paste where you need it, either to paste into your ban appeal or to find your punishment via sourcebans (Note: Teambans and Spraybans cannot be found via sourcebans, if you need this information contact @Madact )


Congrats! You've successfully found your steam ID 32. Use wherever needed!
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