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Aug 6, 2017
Apparently there is a whole story involving the source code link
I will be leaving the links on the end of the thread fo you to check it out
PS: it is a fellow redditor who posted it and after looking it up, it really does connect the reasons

"Apparently this source code was already public on the internet, although it was not well known at all.

Lever Softworks was a group of source modders led by Valve News Network (Tyler McVicker). They worked on a bunch of source stuff and had a few leaked stuff - including the TF2 source code. *they were not the ones who leaked it.

Long story short, there was one person who was transgender and this other guy/girl was kind of a transphobic dick. Lever/Tyler kicked him/her out of the team, and the person leaked everything they had in retaliation, probably.

So now a bunch of people know about it. Some reports are saying that there already are Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities for TF2. I can confirm that Creators.TF is temporarily shut down at the moment.

There are no assets in the leaked source code, only the code itself."

screenshot from winrar file VNN chatlogs

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