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Apr 13, 2023
steam id:
About a month ago at night time
accidental teamkill
I am not fully expecting an unban here but i was told by magglet that after a month of my gb i would be able to be un gb. I would not be surprised if he didnt remember and i also wouldn't be surprised if this got denied. I am hoping that i do get un gb and magglet remembers but if i do not get accepted could i please be told when i can appeal again to try and remove my gb.
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Since I am not a direct JB admin I do not feel comfortable giving a final decision as I do not know the traditional standards.

However, for the admin that decides to deal with this I wish to make them aware.

This was a permanent ban because you had been guardbanned multiple times for varying reasons in a short space of time.
You were directly told at the time to stop swining at blues because FF was being turned on and you ruined the round, my impression of you as a player was extremely immature and not really ready to be a guard but I guess that was a month ago.

@Semicolon Backslash or any other full JB admin can give the final decision.
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This happened a week ago and instills less confidence in the team that you can be trusted to be on blue, you need to not get punished to earn trust from us.

Since you already waited a month, you can type up an appeal in 3 weeks.
Stay out of trouble and stop using caps so much.

I hope we can come back to this with a better outcome, it’s up to you.
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