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Aug 14, 2013
Following this message you will find Panda Community’s Code of Conduct. All players must adhere to this at all times. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in sanction. Attempting to evade any punishment will result in further action.

You may appeal any punishment given here:

1) Profile rules:

a) Offensive names
Any name that could potentially offend other players, such as insults, discrimination, or an otherwise objectionable name, is forbidden. This extends into weapon names and descriptions.​
b) Admin impersonation
Any name that is the same as or deemed too similar to an admin’s, or use of a fake [Admin] tag, is strictly forbidden.​
c) Inappropriate personal content
Publicly visible content within sprays or avatars that is deemed sexual, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate, is forbidden.​
d) Profile Advertising
Advertising other communities or otherwise unwanted advertising such as websites in your username or profile picture is forbidden.​

2) Communication rules:

a) Offensive & Inappropriate language
You may not use any offensive or inappropriate language, which includes insults; excessive raging; sexually explicit discussion/roleplay; disrespecting admins or other players or provoking them; or any kind of discrimination. Racism is strictly forbidden.​
Both the offensive / inappropriate language and offensive / inappropriate spray rules include religious debate, pro-war exclamations or expressing a positive attitude towards terrorists, dictators or otherwise controversial figures. Keep that stuff out of the servers; it's a video game, not a place to express your controversial political opinion and religious viewpoints.
b) Admin impersonation
Pretending to be an admin or have influence over admins and their actions is strictly forbidden.​
c) Advertising
Advertising other products or other communities, or otherwise unwanted advertising, is forbidden. For trade messages, use /t:​
/t Selling a few hats for 2 refined each, trade me!

d) Chat spamming
Flooding the chat with the same message or with useless, unintelligible content that disrupt communication or are deemed otherwise irritating is forbidden. Additionally, refrain from typing in caps.​
e) Mic spamming
Playing music, soundboards, singing, screaming, voice changers or sending otherwise non-communicable noises over the microphone is forbidden. Additionally, the admins have the right to mute you if the quality of your microphone is deemed too bad to be understandable, or if your voice is deemed too immature in an annoying way (i.e. “squeaky”).​
f) Speaking a foreign language
Speaking a language other than English over the regular chat or the voice chat is not allowed.​
g) Ghosting
You are not allowed to communicate game-related information to give players an unfair advantage while you are spectating. Exceptions & Extensions to this rule exist under server-specific rules. (See VSH, FF2 & Jailbreak.)
h) Obstructing administrators
Generally obstructing an administrator in the performance of his tasks is strictly forbidden. This includes announcing when an administrator joins, when the administrator is hidden (i.e. the administrator is in stealth mode) or when the administrator is using an alias (and not their original name). If the admin has talked using their admin tag or has announced in some form that they are present (this excludes bans/gags/mutes) you may address the admin normally.
i) Asking for free items
Excessively asking or begging for free valuable items and/or donations is forbidden.
  • Constantly asking for free items
  • Asking for free expensive items (e.g - hats, keys, australians, unusuals)
  • Constantly, and randomly sending trade requests
  • Asking for a specific, cheap item for free (e.g - crates for unboxing, weapon drops, like a spare degreaser)

j) False scammer accusations
Attempting to frame someone as a scammer when you have no valid proof of this scam taking place is forbidden. If you wish to report someone for being a scammer, take your evidence and post a report on If this report is accepted, they will be automatically banned on panda community.​

3) Rules of play:

a) Use of third-party tools
Using any hacking/third-party tools will result in a irreversible permanent ban.​
b) Exploiting
Using any exploits to your advantage, such as map defects, point farming (gameme / hlxstats ), bypassing AFK manager or manipulated game files, is strictly forbidden. Ask your admin if you are not sure whether something is allowed. This includes building a teleporter-exit in your spawn to let enemy spies enter. This means building a teleporter entrance in a certain area where disguised spies can use them. Do not explain, assist or show others how to exploit / point farm.​
c) General disruptive behaviour
This includes a number of things, such as: prolonging rounds without due cause; teaming with a player on the opposing team; excessive spawn killing; blocking people’s sight; willingly assisting hackers by healing them; encouraging rule-breaking or otherwise grievous acts.​
d) Abuse of the !call
Using the calladmin function for no good reason or while an admin is already on the server is strictly forbidden.​
e) Listen to the admins
Always listen to the admins. In the end, they decide. If you feel like they are wrong about something, argue with them about it in a civilised way. If you cannot come to an agreement you may argue your case on the forum and see what others think. Generally obstructing administrative communication is forbidden.​
f) Avoiding punishment
You're not allowed to avoid any form of punishment. Changing your IP address and/or creating new steam accounts to avoid your punishment is forbidden.​
g) Threatening Panda Community staff, players or infrastructure
Threatening either Panda-Community staff, players or its infrastructure will result in a permanent ban. This includes denial of service threats, doxing or other 'real-life' threats (i.e. murder, rape).​
h) Scamming
Scamming of any kind is not allowed on our servers. Breaking this rule will result in a ban.​
i ) Trading Items with inappropriate content
The promotion, selling or trading of items that have imagery or names that are against our rules is forbidden.​
  • Pornographic imagery on a Conscientious Objector
  • Inappropriate names on a weapon
j) Illegal content of underage person(s)
Purposely discussing, advocating and distributing imagery of sexual content specifically with underage person(s) will result in a permanent ban.​

4) Server-specific rules:

The following servers have rules specific to only that server, in addition to the aforesaid rules.

#1 - DM_Duel:

No rocket- or grenade spamming.
This means standing next to a resupply locker and continuously shooting rockets (or grenades). This includes a repeated action of moving away from the locker to empty your clip and then coming back without having to reload let’s say more than one or two projectiles.

No Sniper camping near a supply locker.

No close quarter sticky traps.
This is defined as putting a sticky trap above or under a window or right around a corner in a hallway where they are too hard to see and counter to be deemed fair in a small map with little options like this one. You are allowed however to close quater stickytrap when your team is getting heavily spawncamped.

• No Sniper shielding in spawn
This is defined as overhealing snipers inside of the spawn area.Healing is allowed e.g. Sandvich, Crossbow... It should also be noted that asking for this treatment from another medic player is forbidden.

#4 , #19, #29 & USA – Dodgeball:

No stealing or attempting to steal / intercept rockets.
Only attempt to airblast the rocket after hearing the sentry activation noise, unless you absolutely have to save yourself from dying. This does not include standing still and airblasting when the rocket comes close or moving toward the rocket and then airblasting.

Examples of Stealing:

1. Going after and attempting to airblast every rocket even without having heard the sentry alert.
2. Reflecting the rocket in spite of being able to avoid it.
3. Positioning yourself badly and then repeatedly stealing the rocket when it comes toward you instead of moving.

Exceptions to this rule are:

1. It is allowed to "wall" (statue as a group).
2. It is allowed to protect AFK teammates or teammates otherwise limited in their ability to play due to RTD or similar cause.
3. Nukes are exempt from this rule and may be stolen at all times.

Additionally, going over to the enemy's side ("crossing") is a risk you choose to take. If you do not leave enough space for your enemy and they are forced to steal, it’s not their fault; it’s yours. When an enemy crosses to your side, keep in mind that this is not forbidden in itself and is something you have to accommodate for.

• No blocking; leave space for others.
What is considered as blocking includes:

1. Getting close to an enemy and immediately returning their rocket when it's not yours.
2. Not giving other players enough space to handle the rocket.
3. Hindering enemies' movement.

It is allowed to bodyblock players who can't airblast the rocket and have been orbiting for too long. Examples of this include players who rolled "Stripped to Melee" in RTD and had their weapon removed.

No orbiting for too long
It is generally not allowed to delay for longer than a few seconds. An exception to this is getting into position for a circle or similar at the end of a round within reasonable time.

• No teamkilling
This is included in our general "no griefing" rule but is added here to make it absolutely clear.
Examples of teamkilling:

1. Suicide when the rocket is locked onto you, causing it to change targets without notice.
2. Intentionally causing your rocket to hit your teammates instead of you. This includes orbiting the rocket into them and positioning yourself behind teammates in a way that puts them at risk of death caused by your rocket.

• No intentional sniping
This is included in our general "no griefing" rule but is added here to make it absolutely clear.
Examples of intentional sniping:

1. Positioning yourself in a way that the rocket will always go into an enemy player.
2. Intentionally causing the rocket to hit them by dragging.

• No exploiting / abusing map features
This is already covered by our general ruleset §3b (Exploiting).

It is not allowed to position yourself in ways that cause delay / otherwise obstruct gameplay.

It is not allowed to abuse ledges or similar map features by airblasting the rocket into them (only applies to #4, #19 and #29).

#5, #13 & US – Saxton Hale & Freak Fortress:

No camping/delaying as the Boss.
If you want to disable being Hale automatically, type !nohale in chat for VSH / !ff2toggle for FF2

No teaming.
Do your damage, help your team and don’t waste time.

Join team Spectator if you need to go AFK.
Every AFK spawned player implies about 1K HP in addition to Hale for free, and more effort left to active teammates.

• An exception to the ghosting (2g) rule listed below
When certain players have been camping for an extended time (or an Engineer's base is the last player or group of players left in VSH and they are clearly waiting for the Boss) and giving their position away serves to move the game along.

Camping as a red depends on what class you are
You may camp as red if you are:
  • Pyro with the phlog
  • Demo with active stickies
  • Heavy
  • Engineer
  • Medic while healing a camping class
  • Sniper

You may not camp as red if you are:
  • Scout
  • Soldier
  • Pyro without the phlog
  • Demo without active stickies
  • Medic while not healing a camping class
  • Spy

#6, #10 & US – Hightower TDM:

No staying inside of spawn with a group.
If you want to party or be friendly, do it where the enemy team has the leisure of either joining in or killing you.

#9 & US Deathrun Specific rule (This does not apply for #22 Deathrun)

Do not use the bunny hop to skip traps.
For a more detailed explanation, click here.

#9, #22 & US – Deathrun:

No delaying the round.
You get 7 minutes per round and you may utilize that by taking a bit of time at difficult pieces, but keep a move on, actively participate to the gamemode.

No continuous favouring of certain people.
This means not killing certain friends and letting them run free.

Do not block other players
Don't block other players in any way.

Fake freerun is allowed
Saying freerun but then activating traps is allowed and does not count as griefing

#12 - Slender Fortress:

• Camping
Camping at the same place for too long, only going around to reset your grace period and simply waiting for your team to collect every page, gas can, cable etc. is forbidden. If you refuse to help your team, hoping for an easy win, then you're not helpful nor useful for the team.

• Blocking access to PvP zone
Hindering players from joining pvp zone is forbidden. Stickytrapping the doors and spawncamping teammates is considered as such too.

• Spawncamping
That means BLU and RED shouldn't spawncamp enemy team. Adding this rule with example just to make it absolutely clear that it's forbidden.

The example of spawncamping would be building sentrygun inside the pvp zone which can attack RED players who haven't entered the zone or right after they enter, not being able to defend themselves.

The same example refers to building sentrygun in a place where REDs spawns right into pvp zone after escaping (for example on noexit map).

• Containment Breach map rules -
These rules apply on Containment Breach map only.

1. Constantly closing and opening doors in this map is forbidden. Sometimes doors are glitching and people are unable to go through them and explore any further parts of the map or into PvP Zone

2. Closing doors on purpose when someone is going through them is forbidden. (It's easy to kill players like that.)

3. PvP doors on BLU are meant to be open all the time, don't close them. Shooting rockets, grenades, stickies and any other weapons that have blast radius near the doors counts as closing them, obviously.

#17 & US – Jailbreak:
  • Do not talk in voice chat while dead in-game.
  • An exception to 2e Mic spamming is when theatre / theater is played that reds are permitted to sign and use soundboards during their turn for 5 - 7 seconds.
  • An exception to the ghosting (2g) rule is when the player in question is breaking jailbreak specific / game server rules. Examples include LGKA reminder, AFK blue, ammo glitching, etc
Listed below are some examples of ghosting, this includes but is not limited to(saying while dead in chat):
  • Red player(s) is rebelling / KOS.
  • Red player is delaying. (If they are AFK however you may say the location of the red player)
  • Red player is cheating in minigame.
  • This Player's health is ... / They are really low health.
  • Giving answers to questions in trivia / jeopardy / any quiz game

The rules for this mod are many and complex. Therefore they have their own thread, found here:

#18 - Mariokart:

No spawncamping on maps with only one spawn exit.

#21 – Prophunt:

No wasting time.

No continuously switching teams.

If you spawn late but within the time the props have to hide, you may not move out of your spawn area.

#25 – EU & US Trade:

Do not build Sentryguns on the ledge, above spawn.
Sentries on the roof above spawn is still permitted, as long as it does not have line of sight to the spawn exits.

No buildings blocking teleportation areas
You must not block teleportation areas(both inbound and outbound) with dispensers/sentries/teleporters in an attempt to trap the enemy team. This applies to all teleportation areas.

• Spawncamping is allowed
There are multiple exits for you to go through when one way is blocked. Use them.
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I've added a brief explanation to the first rule on Trade, regarding sentries on the ledge.
Removed the bhop skipping rule from Deathrun #22. Bhop skipping to skip traps is now allowed on Deathrun #22
I've also fixed some mistakes that US is not listed properly. Probably going to need to do that with the Singapore servers as well, but it should be common sense game mode rules apply to all panda servers sharing that game mode.

Credit to this thread:
Added new rule 1d - Profile advertising

Pointed out after realising it was in communication rules of advertising in chat, but not specific to their name or profile picture as that would fall under Section 1 Profile Rules.
Small oversight but is now fixed. Avoids confusion.

Special thank you to Pro Ricky
Major edit to the original jailbreak rule thread. No new rules to jailbreak it's just a rework, but two rules have been moved to the general thread under gamemode specific which are dead talking and ghosting exceptions.

Massive credit to @Bambi and the jailbreak team for adding anything missing.
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Added religious debate into rule 2a

Both the offensive / inappropriate language and offensive / inappropriate spray rules include religious debate, pro-war exclamations or expressing a positive attitude towards terrorists, dictators or otherwise controversial figures. Keep that stuff out of the servers; it's a video game, not a place to express your controversial political opinion and religious viewpoints.

Added a new rule 3j

j) Illegal content of underage person(s) Purposely discussing, advocating and distributing imagery of sexual content specifically with underage person(s) will result in a permanent ban.
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