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Je Hooft

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Jan 13, 2016
I'm currently seeing a problem where people get mad at others who delay a round, camp or break another rule that requires an admin to fix and hinders gameplay. Usually they start insulting the people who break the rules (which is not a weird/rare thing) by calling them idiot and sometimes worse (racial slurs etc.) and when an admin sneakily joins the server to do something about the rule breaker the reporters usually get gagged too. These then get angry at the admins and might leave the server or post an appeal (which will basically never work and its wastes an admin's time). Overall, I think this whole situation isn't very ideal.

So what do I suggest? Well first I figured that a vote slay/gag/mute feature would be great, but that's easily abused. Giving it to just donators might help, but it's not like a donator can't abuse that system as well as they haven't agreed on any terms regarding abusing the system (except for the rules, which normal players are also supposed to comply to).
So that's when I thought about how people who are angry at the offenders call them names, which gets them gagged. Why not make a way to show your disagreement with their life to give them a hint of what you think about them? So yeah, /frown is what I first thought of. You just type /frown [player] and it works exactly like /kiss or /hug, but in a dark yellow text or something: "Je Hooft frowned at EpicGamer's deeds!" like this. Maybe having 5 people frown at you within the timespan of a few minutes gives you a short auditory alert with some splash text appearing that you might be breaking the rules. I am expecting it to be mostly used for memery, but hopefully it'll also help combat rulebreakers in a way.

There is also another way /frown could be used: restrict the command to trusted players (donators or people who admins deem fit) and when someone receives a frown, it sticks with them for a year, indicating that said person did a bad thing. Only admins will be able to see the whole frowning log, and it helps them judge a person by their previous doings even if they didn't get caught in time by an admin (which also happens waaaay too often, like I don't have recording software on permanently you know).

All in all I dont know how it will turn out but it sounded like a thing so yeah


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Nov 30, 2017
Hey Hooft, I'm not exactly sure how this will combat rule breakers. Also if this doesn't exist already how are you going to get this implemented? If you are able to create a new plugin then fantastic, with support from players it could be a decent idea, but it doesn't seem like you are so sure yourself that it will work. We have a lot of systems in place already to deal with rule breakers which seem to be working pretty effectively as of late - servers which previously weren't administrated as much have been noticed and now have plenty of admins ready to respond to calls etc.

I am expecting it to be mostly used for memery
From my point of view, kiss and hug are used enough to "meme" already I guess. As well as available to use for people who have been punished already - what's going to restrict rulebreakers from just frowning at everyone after they've been punished? Seems like an easy way to provoke people in-game to me.

restrict the command to trusted players (donators or people who admins deem fit)
Like you said about the voting things, this is exactly the reason we don't have these commands, because donating shouldn't give you any sizeable advantage or say in punishments of people. I believe the current system in place for choosing admins works pretty well, are we going to have to create a new system so people can apply to be "trusted"? I can't see most admins being bothered selecting trusted regulars to have exclusive use of one command to be honest.

and when someone receives a frown, it sticks with them for a year, indicating that said person did a bad thing.
We already have SourceBans which keeps track of people's punishments for us. Will we need to have a new system for keeping track of "frowns" too?

TL;DR Seems like too much work to implement something similar to what we already have.

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