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Loli Police

Jan 21, 2018
This post will cover the "unfair" abilities of certain bosses that multiple people have been complaining about in game.

  • Spyper - The spyper is a bit of a fair boss in his abilities other than the sniper. He gets a sniper that one shots most classes and can pick up ammo to resupply. A bit unfair if the spyper camps a ammo pack and picks off the entire server one by one because long range is superior to close range in wide open maps such as dust-showdown. A change that could be made is that when the spyper rages that he still get the sniper and stuns in an area effect, but the snipers ammo supply is five shots and can not resupply with ammo. The spyper must rage for more ammo if he uses the sniper.
  • Fedorable - The fedorable boss is a bit of a broken one being that his rage stuns and covers the screen entirely for a longer time than an uber. The boss can teleport which can be a powerful ability given that an engineer does not telefrag him. A possible fix would be that the rage stuns and covers the screen but for about 6 seconds, an uber lasts 8 seconds and has the length to take out a sentry nest on 2fort and still have enough uber to push to the Intel and take out another sentry nest.
  • Administrator/Grey Mann/MeeM/Seeman/Meeseeks - The summoning bosses that bring back people from the dead are balanced in the way that the minions get reduced damage and can be killed easily as minions often do in other games. The main problem is that the "Taunts will reward you with crits for a short period of time." A minion soldier for the administrator can taunt and one shot a group of people which can null the reason for the administrator to even fight in the first place. An easy fix is remove crits from blu team. The weapon damage stays the same if you edit it but the crit will multiply the damage by 3. I can not tell you how many times I watched a scout that was last be one tapped at full health by a spy across the map because the spy had crits from taunting. It just makes the hale pointless if they can summon enemies that are stronger that the hale itself. The minicrits and crits when there are 2 then 1 left on the red team needs to be removed from blu side for it has the same effect when a scout is last and a soldier with the liberty launcher can just fire and hit a mile away from the scout and kill him due to a crit splash damage shot that can be avoided.
  • Mimicer - I probably don't even need to mention how this boss if broken. He has abilities that basically make him god. The ability to cloak, the ability to teleport, the ability to stun and cover your screen, the ability to disguise as the enemy, and a second life. All in all it's too many abilities for one boss to be balanced so I propose that we get rid of his ability to cover the screen, keep the stun, keep teleport, remove second life, keep cloak, keep disguise ability.
  • Painis Cupcake - By the time this sentence is over he already has rage. To others this boss gains rage about 5 times the normal rate, be it that spies are the bosses best friend but that aside. Even when a scout is shooting him, a full clip will give the boss rage. An engineer can shoot the boss once and he gets rage. I think I stated the point and I ask that the boss gets a bit of a delay on the rage gain or that he has to rage every 3500 health lost instead of 2000.
  • Every boss - About every time a scout, sniper, soldier, or pyro dies I hear the same thing "That range," and I don't blame them. I can't count the amount of times I was running from the hale and I pass a corner and the boss can run into the corner and stop but still melee and the weapon reaches around the corner and hits me when I am over 40 hammer units away. The only information I was given on the range of the hales melee is that it's as long as the eyelander which has the games longest hit range at 8 feet. I propose that we shorten it to the Cladhaemaeh Moh range which is about 6 feet. Just a bit shorter which makes the hale have to work for the kills and not rely on lag or hit reg being broken as it already is in casual.
  • Handsome Jack, Koishi, Maddendoctor - These three bosses have the ability to go invis and still damage players. As it stands it is the second most unfair ability to players right next to the spypers sniper. I propose the bosses can still go invis and kill but the damage is reduced (if possible).
Thank you for reading the list I made. I hope these changes are considered and I wish any of those that area reading this a good day!


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Nov 8, 2014
I don't generally see these changes being made as I don't believe the interest towards balancing FF2 is strong enough on the higher ups minds. Plus it'll probably take ages to do.
However, it's possible to just remove mimicer. I'll put that up onto the list for you at least.
Thank you for the suggestion ::):
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