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Nov 8, 2014
These are the general guidelines to the forum rules, breaking these often could result in a forum ban. So please be respectful to our forums as this is where the community lives.

Keep it English only
In the shoutbox it's a little more lax, but please, do consider other forum members as you'll be isolating yourself/the person you're speaking to in another language from other forum members.

Keep the forums civilized
Insulting / Provoking other members is forbidden. Racism is strictly forbidden.

Advertising other communities are not allowed
Any form of advertising other communities such as names , IP’s and links are forbidden.

Remain on topic on threads that you are posting on
Your post must be relevant to the information that is being presented / discussed. If you branch off from the discussion / main point, you should continue talking about it either on a new thread or discuss it privately.

Refrain from posting excessive “shitposts” / inappropriate content
Refrain from making threads & posts with any unnecessary or inappropriate content. NSFW is also forbidden but in the case of reports, please put them in spoiler tags.

Avoid necro bumping threads
If you come across an old thread, please refrain from posting on it.

Refrain from spamming
This includes shoutbox , threads , profile posts and reactions.

Avoid abusing reactions
Any form of abuse in the reaction system is forbidden and will lead to consequences. This includes going through old threads to negative react posts made by certain individuals.

Only Trial and Full Gameserver admins can vote on admin applications
You may choose to say something if you wish, so as long as you have an useful insight with the player applying, but you're not allowed to vote.

Ban appeals are decided by Full Gameserver Admins
Trial admins must consult their mentors/other fulls for the final decision on an appeal. Non-staff may comment so long as it is deemed useful / relevant to the appeal.
Unnecessary comments will be deleted.

Leave invalid ban appeals / reports / admin applications to Full Gameserver admins
A Full Gameserver Admin will attend to the thread properly soon, please refrain from commenting that the contents is invalid to avoid confusion from the original poster and other forum users.

No asking for free items
Excessively asking or begging for free items and/or donations is forbidden.
  • Unacceptable
    • Constantly asking for free items.
    • Asking for free expensive items. (e.g - hats, keys, australians, unusuals)
    • Constantly, and randomly sending trade requests.
  • Acceptable
    • Asking for a specific, cheap item for free (e.g - crates for unboxing, weapon drops, like a spare degreaser)

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