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Loli Police

Trial Gameserver Admin
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Trial Gameserver Admin
Jan 21, 2018
- Your name and/or nickname - Father Pip (sometimes called loli from my last name Loli Police)

- Your age - 16 (17 on the 18th of October)

- Who gave you permission to apply? (applies to applicants under 15 or those who apply for servers not listed in the "Available positions" thread) - TX FF2 is in the available positions as of 08/19/19.

- Your Steam32 ID (this is not simply a profile link. Look up what it is and how to get it; simply posting what you think it is makes you seem unprofessional) - STEAM_0:1:83945322

- Your general online times and your timezone - I live in DFW Texas which is in Central Standard Time, My online times can be between 11 AM and 10 PM at night. I do attend online school so I can't connect early in the morning such as 8 AM but that will not stop me from connecting during the day.

- Which of our servers do you usually play on and wish to apply for? Would you visit a broader range of servers in case of a report? - I play on the TX servers the most, as of right now I do not have the required amount of time to be an admin in another TX server other than FF2. I hope that after I post this application I am to better my times in all of the TX servers and are allowed to assist in moderating them. I also frequent the New York Jailbreak and the #01 Duel server.

- Do you have a microphone? (This is a minimum requirement for Jailbreak admins) - Indeed I have a mic and I tend to use it often, I do use text chat as well but not as often. This detail will change since text chat gives the server a warning in case the user has voice_enable 1

- Your previous experience as Admin or Moderator - I have been an admin on a few servers on a game called gmod, for gmod they use different ranking system then this server. The full admins would probably equal a super admin and the trial admins would equal a regular admin. The highest rank I have had was a Staff Manager for a PoliceRP server. In police rp there tend to be a lot of users that think they can break the rules and won't be caught but they are often mistaken. Other than my position as the Staff Manager I have been a basic administrator so I do have the experience in keeping the rules enforced and making people stay in check.

- Do you have experience with administrating with SourceMod? - I do not currently have any experience in running any SourceMod commands but I do have the urge to learn. In gmod, they had ULX which is essentially Gmod's SourceMod. If I were to give a time period in which is will take me to learn SourceMod completely I would say about 3 weeks. I always have wanted to learn so I will continue to do so as I play on the server.

- Why should we choose you to be part of our team? - Upon looking into the TX FF2 server, you can find the scoreboard to be lined with all users for most of the day. An admin will come on from time to time but for the most part a server should have an admin be on for most of the day and especially during the highest population hours to manage the users. I intend to add my name to the list of admins for the server so that I can improve connectivity within the admins currently prescribed to the server. I seek a solution to help control the rules broken on a periodical basis with increasing the admins presence to a degree that will make rule breaking seem looked down on and discourage people from being obnoxious to others. I know in the past I have made applications and they have failed due to multiple reasons, I have reflected on those mistakes and intend to improve my reputation within the community to look better as an member. I look to help shape the server in which I am allowed to moderation to the degree that when a full admin comes on they don't see a rule being broken during their stay. A trial admin should be in charge of preparing their server for the visit of another admin in case they want to join and criticize the server. As an admin I would take great pride and care to hone the way the server operates in such a way that doesn't disrupt the flow of the game.

- Finally, please briefly explain how you would do your job, e.g. a general overview of your policies and punishments. -
-Camping/Teaming/ETC: They will be asked to stop their behavior and if said warning is not heeded then a timebomb will be set. If they continue then punishment will follow. 240/720/1440/10080/43200
-Insulting/Spamming/ETC: *1 or 2 warnings will be handed out, if they persist then it will lead to a punishment.
-Hacking Client: Once sufficient evidence has been collected and proof that they are using a client can be produced I would ban them for however long I can and then reach out to a full admin to look over the case and leave it in their hands.
-AFK Players: They will be asked if they are active in chat and voice, if no response is given then it would result in a timebomb. If they are AFK in the next round then they will be kicked. If they keep joining back to be AFK then it will begin punishments.

-Inappropriate name and/or spray: I’ll ask them to change the name/spray, if warning is not heeded then I will rename them/remove their spray. If they persist with their name/spray then it’s to the punishments. For the name 240/720/1440/10080/43200, for the spray it’s a spray ban.

Hours in TX FF2 - 14 days 23:07:43 hours
Hours in TX DB - 7 days 08:10:04 hours

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Wild Card Joker

Gameserver Admin
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Gameserver Admin
Oct 26, 2016
For the most part, he’s a great applicant, reports to me whenever there’s rule breakers and even asks me certain questions regarding rules, he also does a very good job in enforcing them. I’ll gice him a +1. Good luck on the applying.

White Falcon

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Mar 9, 2016
The tags were kind of unnecessary...

From what I believe, You've learned from your previous applications.
Looking at your TX FF2 and NY JB chat-logs, You seem to be warning people to not break the rules, you have a clean chat log and you aren't insulting over the mic as well.
Your punishments seem reasonable.

I don't want to keep you waiting, take a +1 from me for TX FF2.


Gameserver Admin
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Gameserver Admin
Nov 8, 2014
I've received Waxel's feedback in private, so this can go under review!

Any questions or pending inactivity coming up, please let me know. Good luck ::):
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