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Oct 4, 2012

due to our current provider stopping colocation services after 10 years uptime i need to migrate the servers (01-31) to a new server.
Some servers have already been migrated over and favorites should be already updated, if someone notices that a certain EU server is not in the favorites give it some time and connect instead with the ip and port which you can find on the sourcebans page.

IPs will be changed but it shouldnt be noticeable for the end-user.

Server specs incase someone is interested;

AMD Ryzen 9 3900x

Ping should also be better by up to 3-10ms depending on location due to better peering portfolio of the new provider.

Previously the european servers have been running on 2 machines (Intel Core i7 3770k with each 32GB RAM and 500GB SSD/2TB HDD RAID1) but since the hardware is quite outdated after 10 years owning them it was about time to replace it.
Maybe i'll share some pictures once i recieve both machines from the datacenter.

I'll keep the thread updated with the migration progress.

so far migrated servers
  • 01 Duel
  • 02 War3Source
  • 03 Jump
  • 04 Dodgeball
  • 05 Saxton Hale
  • 06 Hightower
  • 07 MGE
  • 08 Class Warfare
  • 09 Deathrun
  • 10 Hightower
  • 11 Surf
  • 12 Slender Fortress 2
  • 13 Freak Fortress 2
  • 14 Turbine
  • 16 2Fort
  • 17 Jailbreak
  • 18 Mario Kart
  • 19 Dodgeball
  • 20 The Hidden
  • 21 Prophunt
  • 22 Deathrun 2
  • 23 MGE 2
  • 24 Randomizer
  • 25 Trade
  • 26 Dustbowl
  • 27 Orange
  • 28 Smash Bros
  • 29 Dodgeball Advanced
  • 30 Hightower x10
  • 31 Zombie Fortress
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migration state is nearly done, 2 servers remaining.
earlier today there was already a ddos impact, filters have been adjusted but may not be fully perfect yet.
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migration is complete, all servers have been migrated and favorites should've been updated already for everyone.
ddos filters have also been adjusted and shouldnt do any harm anymore for the future.

players may notice a better ping to the new servers ranging between 2-15ms.
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