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Apr 1, 2024

An update that you most definitely do not want to miss out on, major changes have been made the map.

Decoration wise - Massive decoration improvements, a unique texture for each room, complete rework of the tower in spawn, cameras everywhere for the extra ambience and overall just big changes everywhere.

Gameplay wise - Most traps have been reworked, nerfed and buffed to keep the balance, most hazards have been made much easier and more manageable for normal players, orange rooms have been removed entirely (with the exception of one that was changed into a green room and slightly nerfed) to prevent rounds from lasting too long, red room replaced with a miniboss fully controllable by the activator, infamous Miami Disco minigame has been shortened, Vers Us has been rebalanced for both teams, a new minigame has been added as an homage to something from another map that got removed and [REDACTED] has been remade entirely from scratch.
(Also Miami Disco hardmode is a one time thing per map session now)

This update should satisfy players much more and give them a chance to experience what it has to offer as it's truly one of if not the best updates we've had in months.
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if I may, I'd like to suggest the separation from v3 and v4, despite v4 being a upgrade in regards to overall map quality, it plays differently as compared to v3.

small essay and reasons on why I feel there should be a separation and not just a straight update:
the differences between v3 and v4 lie between the coloured rooms' contents (red room and the now removed orange rooms); v3's rooms, being harder than v4 (since they've been neutered down on that version and not to say it being difficult makes it good because difficulty for the sake of difficulty isn't good map design), offers a higher selection of platforming types and gameplay compared to v4 whilst v4 offers a more minigame-like orientated basis past the yellow rooms, which is in reference to the red room now being a activator vs runners mini boss in the newest version.

as for additions, v4 fixes the problem with towers being a chore to play through and the gameplay of the activator trying to pin you down to kill you much more scary due to a good removal of the higher spaced platforms you'd originally be forced to go up and down repeatedly; dodge, a new minigame, is probably the thing that cybertower slightly lacked in the selection of minigame variety originally, it's hard, probably nearly equal to miami disco hardmode in difficulty before it switches to it's 3rd segment, where it ultimately becomes the hardest minigame in deathrun.

this being the biggest difference, which I won't spoil all too much, is the boss battle, v3 is activator and runners working together to take the boss down with platforming, lots of movement happens in short bursts and the time you have for each section is tight but fair, it also offers a very nice escape sequence, even though you'll only ever see a very select few get through it; v4 is a straight up boss battle, very well made but movement is just as stagnant as it's well made, and no offence but the escape sequence for this version is incredibly underwhelming.

what I'll say is that v4 is something a lot more people will enjoy both casually and for whenever they feel they want to challenge themselves, it no longer feels out of your hands when you get killed by a activator activating traps anymore due to the shortened length, you no longer have to rely on specific players in order to play the boss outright, miami disco hardmode cannot be spammed anymore, which for most people playing deathrun in general is a godsend, and visually the map won't cause as much complaints about the bright colours due to them being softened or darkened.

to make it simple, v3 is a heavier platforming focused map that relies heavily on people who're knowledgeable about the map for its end game contents (the boss, orange and red room requiring a good degree of source engine related skill) whilst v4 takes a much softer approach towards platforming plus overall map length and focuses more on the activator being a obstacle for the map's rewards and contents.

tl;dr v3 should be the legacy version and v4 should be a straight up new addition instead of it being a straight map update because they're in my opinion two different maps with two different premises entirely.
updated, thanks.
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