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Dec 30, 2018

Donator Colour List​

Once you've Donated or became an Admin on Panda Community servers, you gain access to the /ccc command, which allows you to change the colours of your tag, name and chat within the in-game chat.
However due to the in-game menu displaying only the name of the colour , it can be hard to find the right colours (as shown below).
To somewhat remedy this, I've created a list that hopefully makes it easier to locate the colours you'd like to use.

Click the Spoiler to expand the List
"Alice blue", 0xF0F8FF);​
"Allies", 0x4D7942);​
"Antique white", 0xFAEBD7);​
"Aqua", 0x00FFFF);​
"Aquamarine", 0x7FFFD4);​
"Axis", 0xFF4040);​
"Azure", 0x007FFF);​
"Beige", 0xF5F5DC);​
"Bisque", 0xFFE4C4);​
"Black", 0x000000);​
"Blanched almond", 0xFFEBCD);​
"Blue", 0x99CCFF); // same as BLU​
"Blue violet", 0x8A2BE2);​
"Brown", 0xA52A2A);​
"Burlywood", 0xDEB887);​
"Cadet blue", 0x5F9EA0);​
"Chartreuse", 0x7FFF00);​
"Chocolate", 0xD2691E);​
"Community", 0x70B04A); // same as Community item quality in TF2​
"Coral", 0xFF7F50);​
"Cornflower blue", 0x6495ED);​
"Cornsilk", 0xFFF8DC);​
"Crimson", 0xDC143C);​
"Cyan", 0x00FFFF);​
"Dark blue", 0x00008B);​
"Dark cyan", 0x008B8B);​
"Dark goldenrod", 0xB8860B);​
"Dark grey", 0xA9A9A9);​
"Dark green", 0x006400);​
"Dark khaki", 0xBDB76B);​
"Dark magenta", 0x8B008B);​
"Dark olive green", 0x556B2F);​
"Dark orange", 0xFF8C00);​
"Dark orchid", 0x9932CC);​
"Dark red", 0x8B0000);​
"Dark salmon", 0xE9967A);​
"Dark sea green", 0x8FBC8F);​
"Dark slate blue", 0x483D8B);​
"Dark slate grey", 0x2F4F4F);​
"Dark turquoise", 0x00CED1);​
"Dark violet", 0x9400D3);​
"Deep pink", 0xFF1493);​
"Deep sky blue", 0x00BFFF);​
"Dim grey", 0x696969);​
"Dodger blue", 0x1E90FF);​
"Firebrick", 0xB22222);​
"Floral white", 0xFFFAF0);​
"Forest green", 0x228B22);​
"Fuchsia", 0xFF00FF);​
"Full blue", 0x0000FF);​
"Full red", 0xFF0000);​
"Gainsboro", 0xDCDCDC);​
"Genuine", 0x4D7455); // same as Genuine item quality in TF2​
"Ghost white", 0xF8F8FF);​
"Gold", 0xFFD700);​
"Goldenrod", 0xDAA520);​
"Gray", 0xCCCCCC); // same as spectator team colour​
"Green", 0x3EFF3E);​
"Green yellow", 0xADFF2F);​
"Haunted", 0x38F3AB); // same as Haunted item quality in TF2​
"Honeydew", 0xF0FFF0);​
"Hot pink", 0xFF69B4);​
"Indian red", 0xCD5C5C);​
"Indigo", 0x4B0082);​
"Ivory", 0xFFFFF0);​
"Khaki", 0xF0E68C);​
"Lavender", 0xE6E6FA);​
"Lavender blush", 0xFFF0F5);​
"Lawn green", 0x7CFC00);​
"Lemon chiffon", 0xFFFACD);​
"Light blue", 0xADD8E6);​
"Light coral", 0xF08080);​
"Light cyan", 0xE0FFFF);​
"Light goldenrod yellow", 0xFAFAD2);​
"Light grey", 0xD3D3D3);​
"Light green", 0x99FF99);​
"Light pink", 0xFFB6C1);​
"Light salmon", 0xFFA07A);​
"Light sea green", 0x20B2AA);​
"Light sky blue", 0x87CEFA);​
"Light slate grey", 0x778899);​
"Light steel blue", 0xB0C4DE);​
"Light yellow", 0xFFFFE0);​
"Lime", 0x00FF00);​
"Lime green", 0x32CD32);​
"Linen", 0xFAF0E6);​
"Magenta", 0xFF00FF);​
"Maroon", 0x800000);​
"Mediumaquamarine", 0x66CDAA);​
"Medium blue", 0x0000CD);​
"Medium orchid", 0xBA55D3);​
"Medium purple", 0x9370D8);​
"Medium sea green", 0x3CB371);​
"Medium slate blue", 0x7B68EE);​
"Medium spring green", 0x00FA9A);​
"Medium turquoise", 0x48D1CC);​
"Medium violet red", 0xC71585);​
"Midnight blue", 0x191970);​
"Mint cream", 0xF5FFFA);​
"Misty rose", 0xFFE4E1);​
"Moccasin", 0xFFE4B5);​
"Navajo white", 0xFFDEAD);​
"Navy", 0x000080);​
"Normal", 0xB2B2B2); // same as Normal item quality in TF2​
"Old lace", 0xFDF5E6);​
"Olive", 0x9EC34F);​
"Olive drab", 0x6B8E23);​
"Orange", 0xFFA500);​
"Orange red", 0xFF4500);​
"Orchid", 0xDA70D6);​
"Pale goldenrod", 0xEEE8AA);​
"Pale green", 0x98FB98);​
"Pale turquoise", 0xAFEEEE);​
"Pale violet red", 0xD87093);​
"Papaya whip", 0xFFEFD5);​
"Peach puff", 0xFFDAB9);​
"Peru", 0xCD853F);​
"Pink", 0xFFC0CB);​
"Plum", 0xDDA0DD);​
"Powder blue", 0xB0E0E6);​
"Purple", 0x800080);​
"Red", 0xFF4040); // same as RED/Terrorist team colour​
"Rosy brown", 0xBC8F8F);​
"Royal blue", 0x4169E1);​
"Saddle brown", 0x8B4513);​
"Salmon", 0xFA8072);​
"Sandy brown", 0xF4A460);​
"Sea green", 0x2E8B57);​
"Sea shell", 0xFFF5EE);​
"Selfmade", 0x70B04A); // same as Self-Made item quality in TF2​
"Sienna", 0xA0522D);​
"Silver", 0xC0C0C0);​
"Sky blue", 0x87CEEB);​
"Slate blue", 0x6A5ACD);​
"Slate gray", 0x708090);​
"Snow", 0xFFFAFA);​
"Spring green", 0x00FF7F);​
"Steel blue", 0x4682B4);​
"Strange", 0xCF6A32); // same as Strange item quality in TF2​
"Tan", 0xD2B48C);​
"Teal", 0x008080);​
"Thistle", 0xD8BFD8);​
"Tomato", 0xFF6347);​
"Turquoise", 0x40E0D0);​
"Unique", 0xFFD700); // same as Unique item quality in TF2​
"Unusual", 0x8650AC); // same as Unusual item quality in TF2​
"Valve", 0xA50F79); // same as Valve item quality in TF2​
"Vintage", 0x476291); // same as Vintage item quality in TF2​
"Violet", 0xEE82EE);​
"Wheat", 0xF5DEB3);​
"White", 0xFFFFFF);​
"White smoke", 0xF5F5F5);​
"Yellow", 0xFFFF00);​
"Yellow green", 0x9ACD32);​
(This may have been done already, but I checked and I don't think it has?)
If I've missed any colours, made any mistakes or if you believe there's a better way to format this, do let me know ^^
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