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Mar 10, 2018
Cause I've been playing db for a quiet a while back in 2014 (even tho it says 2018 but forget that) I've seen some things that others also have seen or experienced. This little guide will help you how to become shi.. I mean super good at db.

Cold hands

Often at least when I play db I get these cold hands and it just makes you slow af. But I found some solutions for that and here are my tricks. First you can find a water source and wash your hands with warm water to warm up the blood in that area tho it will go away by time but that's why you got this thing

This little thing will warm you up quiet fast if you do it a lot. I've been doing it now for several months and it makes some kind of difference. If that doesn't work then just do workouts so your fucking heart can pump that blood to your hands. You can also move your shoulders up and down so the blood will flow down more (i tbh dont know if that works my friend told me this and i tbh don't feel anything lol).


Finding your right setting can be quiet hard, took me some years but then I just found it. If we think about mouse settings then mine looks like this
With 1.8k dpi. It depends on person how you play and use your hands I use this settings cause is mostly more comfy for me to play with. Try them out and find your perfect mouse setting.

But we also have others settings as lerp and others. Lerp can make a difference if you have a good pc with a lot of ram. If you don't then don't even care about this cause your pc will just die because of it. I use lerp 10 or 5 depends on what mood my pc is in, but then how do you change it? Quiet simple you just do cl_interp 0 and that's it, or is it? Well you also have this cl_updaterate that helps you update the game and that one is quiet important too. I can't say "this is the perfect setting) cause our computers are all different so try it out if you think your pc can handle it if not go back to stock.

There are so many more settings we can try but I'll keep it simple as this.


fov means "field of view" and it changes how you see everything in the game. I use fov 88 cause I like it when I can see the rocket when is close, is just more comfortable for me. But you can go all they way up to fov 160 (at least on panda.) and imo that's waaaaayyyy tooo much. But it depends on person. I used 120 before cause I used tp and I liked to spike a lot and see where everyone is. And as I said it depends on person and I think you should try some fov's and see wich one you like the most cause it can really change the game.

We have different things in db for example rally. Rally is one my favorites cause I like speed and curves, and I've realized if i use fov 88 I can go beyond the limit I could go before with 120 cause it was so much easier to hit it then. But we got more things too (or not that many but I think so). We got cqc that stand for close quart combat, and imo if im gonna cqc then I want a higher fov so i can see the players. Tho I mostly use my ears for stuff like that and predict but I'll talk about that later. It just really depends what kind of gamer you are and what you like the most. So try some things out and just go for it.


First person and third person can be a game changer. It can change how you see the game and how you play it. Back in 2017 I used tp with fov 120 and was a dick about it. Because I always spiked and only cared about points lol. But then in 2018 I used fp with fov 88 and first I thought it was trash and fucking shit. But it made a difference how I also played. Let me explain. When you use tp you can look down and see everyone behind you and infront of you. But with fp I could only see players infront of me and imo that was annoying af cause I wanted to know where everyone was. Ofc in time i got used to it but it changed how I played the game, I didn't spike 24/7 and didn't orbit like a fidget spinner. Instead I was on my wall and just pressed m2. I sometimes go back to tp to just get that feeling back to be a fidget spinner when I'm alone with bots, and just fuck around. And it still makes joy today.

But where I'm trying to get here is. Try them out and get your game style and how you play. Cause we all got different ones.


As I said in fov "Tho I mostly use my ears for stuff like that and predict but I'll talk about that later." this has changed me a lot of how I play games. The sound in db is so important, one thing that is pretty obvious is the beep. If we don't have sound for that how do we know is ours? But I also want to talk about how you can predict the rocket with sound. You see if you statue you can make the sound to your best friend. I mostly statue then I just wait for a beep to come up, and with my ears I can hear the rocket orbit around me and I can easily predict where the rocket is and where i should airblast it. And with that power I can mostly of my time just stand still and win the game. This can also be quiet hard in the start, is not like you gonna stay blind the whole game and hit everything. You also need to see where the rocket is coming from, they might direct you and then you fucked.

I don't know if everyone thinks about this but I do at least. When I play I use 70% on only sound. Tho cause I'm admin I don't do it as much anymore cause I need to look at the rocket and the players. But It can be helpful if I'm looking at chat and I didn't look at the rocket, then I just take that advantage and m2.


I think many players complain about the smoke in db. I often hear stuff like this "Can't see when the smoke is in the way" or "The rocket is teleporting!" I use a smoke trail that I've been using for a quiet a long time now. You can also use pyroland vision if you like those bubbles. And about the rocket is teleporting. That's just your computer lagging or just being a dummy dumb dumb. It happens that the rocket's trail glitches and it feels like is teleporting but is just you lagging.

I can't remember everything that there is in db. But this everything I got to say now. If you got anything else to add just add it. Or if I'm wrong correct me I do not mind. This is just a fun little thing I wanted to make a long time ago. Hope you guys didn't mind the stories about myself how I've played it maybe you can find any connections about it too who knows.



Feb 26, 2017
I'm casually browsing and saw this.

One of the most important things you'll ever change is your network settings, follow standard competitive settings and you'll be good to go.

A good resource is: this, change the cmdrate and updaterate to 100, and standard rate to 214130, panda doesn't run on 100 tick so it's not entirely necessary however for other servers that do it's certainly helpful to have. If you don't want to use this specific config, just apply the aforementioned network settings and Make sure cl_smooth is on 1. This CFG has aliases meant for different connections however in reality bad_connection really makes no difference. If you're on 100ping just play with that in mind and make sure you're 100ms ahead of the game, your job is MUCH harder.

For TP players, STOP looking at the damn floor, you're more prone to missing as the airblast radius only accounts for so much area, aiming at the rocket gives you more of a chance of hitting the thing rather than looking at the floor and only having half the airblast be technically effective. I am one who plays in TP and trust me it's the most painful thing in the world watching you eyeball the floor, there's pretty TF2 cosm sets you could be looking at rather than octagon's checkerboard.

As tolfx mildly implied, keep your FOV atleast under or on 120, it absolutely destroys depth perception and makes you awfully inconsistent.

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