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Jul 6, 2017
Figured I might as well share the games I've come up with during my time as a player; just a simple break down of what the game is, what the game seeks to accomplish, and a brief history of the games.

My goal with sharing these games is to share the bits of variety that I've brought to the server; the vast majority of wardens tend to be stiff and not creative with their time on BLU team. It gets dull, and incredibly repetitive, after a while.

Before we begin, it must be noted that all custom games must be played outside of the main cell area, due to the clause "The Warden can come up with Minigames of his own but it must be played out of the range of the cell area."


Accelerated Roulette.

Accelerated Roulette is very simply an accelerated version of the Russian Roulette game on jb_casuarina, always ending with one. Variations where the goal is not one player can be done by splitting the prisoners into equal groups. The game is usually played when there's a small group of prisoners.

Gathering all the prisoners in the middle of a sweeper beam and requiring them to AFK freeze, before turning the game on and immediately off, results in a singular player surviving the resulting collisions of hitboxes (which is what I believe occurs). This person is then typically given LR, as they're usually the last RED remaining, though they may not be.

This can be considered an alternative to First Reaction Last Reaction as a method to end the round quickly between two remaining REDs.

The game can be cheated by jumping or crouching, which is why the warden should instruct REDs to AFK freeze in the middle of the beam, or by a guard blocking the off-button.

I 'created' the game when looking for a quick way to end a round with two people, and recalled this effect occurring whenever I played sweeper in the middle with another individual. Decided to make it a quick way to end the round, and it worked. Realized only afterwards it was basically Russian Roulette.

(A variation of this game I have yet to try is to have a group of REDs stack on the beam, and have them continue jumping. If any two land at the same time, one will be killed at random.)

I've hosted this game recently in the active presence of Jailbreak admins (@Madact), and received no negative comment.


Color Chaser.

Perhaps the most well-known of the games I've made, this game is the most difficult, and therefore, the most controversial (as is the nature of Jailbreak), to play correctly. The game is, simply put, a chase of the nearest colors to be found. The pre-game statement of game rules is crucial to the playing and understanding of this game.

The below are the rules that must be said pre-game:
- All reds must be stacked prior to the game beginning.
- All reds must go to the nearest location with the color that is said.
- Non-map colors do not count; examples being blood, decals of any kind, sprays, playermodels, or hats. These do not count.
- General 'building blocks' of the map do not count. Typically, this means pathways, wall coloring, the generic chunks of stuff that build the structures on the map. It must be something relatively unique.
- You do not have to physically touch the color to be considered 'near' to it. For example, magma in obstacle courses or lettering over a doorway might be nearer than a button somewhere else.

There is not always one nearest color - there are instances in which two instances of the same color are equidistant from the starting position. These add flavor to the game, and make it more challenging for all involved.

My recommendations for playing this game as a warden/guard:
- Consult with the guards, and keep the prisoners entertained by engaging them on a case-by-case basis on whether they feel they were correct; they may feel they were correct, and might be.
- Don't be afraid to add your own unique restrictions to the game - the more challenging it is, the more fun it may be, if done correctly.
- Leniency is key to the enjoyment of this game; don't be afraid to let prisoners survive to continue to the next round if you're unsure, or find too many people dying in one round. Simply tell them to group up again.
- Do not kill the prisoners unless you are absolutely certain they are supposed to be killed.
- Give the prisoners up to three quick practice rounds in a general area, before moving to a new location and beginning the game.

The purpose of this game is to test image memorization and map knowledge - not to kill REDs. It's a challenging game, and not simple like most Jailbreak minigames. As such, this is a relatively long game by Jailbreak standards, and ought to be enjoyed. We have ten minutes to do so. I typically play it shortly after round start.

I created this game a while back in an attempt to create a game that didn't rely on the map's available selection of minigames, which are typically copied from one map to another with little significant change. It received positive feedback, and usually does, as it's something refreshing.

This game has been attempted by only a few other people that I know of, two of whom were recently accepted as trial gameserver administrators (@ZeroPC & @XplosiveAction). I believe this game was "banned" when Travis was the sole admin, because it 'caused freekill.' I was taking a break at the time, and wasn't there to discuss it. My first day back, I played the game with no issue.

I've hosted this game recently in the active presence of Jailbreak admins, and received no negative comment.


Prison Romance.

This is a more relaxed game, and works similarly to an old 'custom' game played back in 2013, and today most resembles the minigames of theater.
The goal is simply to have a fun time with a medium-size group of players. It has only two requirements: an active BLU team, and an even number of REDs. The game is played by pairing up REDs and asking them to explain why they love their new partner.

This game is best played with small groups of REDs, and is intended for those hours when the server is starting or dying down - a long, enjoyable round, with lots of interaction between players. The game is intended to fill the round with humor, rather than blandly repeating minigames that the players have been playing for the past X time.

- The game is begun by simply gathering the REDs along a line or wall, and asking them to group into pairs of two.
- After giving them roughly twenty seconds to do so, you begin at one end and interact with each individual RED, asking each why they love their partner, one by one, down the line.
- The answers are typically humorous or overly romantic, and it's up to the BLUs to make the game enjoyable. If the BLUs (at least the warden) isn't feeling very charismatic, the game quickly becomes dull.
- The BLU team votes, similar to theater. If the result is negative, the loving couple are killed. If positive, they live to either the next round, or the next minigame. Since the game takes a while to enjoy properly, I usually have them play a quick game after this.

I created this game a couple months ago, drawing inspiration from a hilariously failed idea of mine (Shakespearean citation in theater, believe it or not), and brought it to a more interactive level.
The game typically is pretty fun, very quirky, and enjoyable. Usually everyone gets a laugh from it.

So far as I know, no one has attempted this game besides for myself.

I don't recall hosting this game in the active presence of Jailbreak admins, but I'm sure they'll let me know if there's a conflict with the rules.


Cardinal Directions.

The game is very simple in idea, and complex in practice. It's usually one of my methods to end the round. One direction is designated as 'North,' and all REDs must turn either a certain degree in a cardinal direction, or must take movements in a cardinal direction.

- The game is begun by having the REDs line up, and facing a certain direction. They must all be facing that direction, whatever direction it may be.

- The REDs are then instructed to follow an order of two kinds, or a mixture of those two: 'Turn X (0-360) degrees to the Y (East or West),' or 'Take X steps (I usually do 1-5) in Y (Any cardinal direction) direction.'

I typically allow them one or two practice rounds, as it is a new game, and it's most certainly not expected of those who play TF2 to recall their cardinal directions while on a Jailbreak server.
REDs can cheat the game by simply viewing what other people are doing, and imitating them. This can be stopped by saying they must look straight up after having 'North' assigned.

The game has invariable levels of complexity, and it's all up to the warden as to how complex they wish to make the game, with as many steps and layers as they may so wish.

As always, I try to preach leniency. I've seen this game done a few times without myself as warden, and it's usually gone fairly smoothly.

I 'created' the game when I was looking for alternatives to games like Simon Says. I've usually received negative feedback for this game, as it's apparently too much to expect of the TF2 populace and not that enjoyable. (Is Simon Says enjoyable? I see no difference, really.)

I've believe I've hosted this game recently in the active presence of Jailbreak admins, and received no negative comment. I'm not entirely sure, but I'm sure they'll let me know if there's a conflict with the rules.


Battle Beam.

Very simple game, very simple application. It's a friendly fire slugfest while crouching on the beam of Sweeper while it's off.

- Falling off of the beam, being knocked off the beam, jumping off the beam, and going into the water are all considered failures, and results in death.
- Whether standing results in death or not is up to the warden.
- It is important to note that only friendly fire and collisions is on. Sweeper itself remains off.

I treat this game as any other minigame on the map, to be applied whenever.

I didn't so much as 'create' the game as try to come up with an alternative to the typical Arena which may be more enjoyable for the slower, bulkier classes like Heavy and Demoman, as opposed to the Medic domination.

I've believe I've hosted this game recently in the active presence of Jailbreak admins, and received no negative comment. I'm not entirely sure, but I'm sure they'll let me know if there's a conflict with the rules.


Just to reiterate, the point of this post is just to share a few of the ideas I've had to create a more fresh experience on the server. I don't enjoy having REDs do the ordinary minigames, as every warden does them, with almost no exception, so I came up with these games to spice up the Jailbreak experience.

If there are any questions, or any debate on whether these games violate any rules that aren't already being violated by currently allowed games, feel free to either send me a private message or post below. I'd like to keep this thread at least somewhat uncluttered, as I may post further on this thread. If explanations or examples are needed, I'd be more than willing to explain further.

Thank you for your time.


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Jun 12, 2018
This is quite a big handful, so let's have a look.

Accelerated Roulette:
I have seen Dandy do this game before and honestly, I always think it's gonna end with a failed round at first (which has always worried me). However, to my surprise, I have never actually seen this game fail (with the exception of rebellers interfering). It's quite an interesting way of incorporating Russian Roulette on a map that doesn't have Russian Roulette.

I myself however would not try doing this as I am always afraid it's gonna mess up when someone else other than Dandy does it (though I'm sure he can teach other guards/wardens how to play). I would love to see more feedback on this from my team as I do not have much more to say about it.

Color Chaser:
This is my favorite original game I've seen in forever. It's very creative and incorporates the map aspects and decorations very well so no matter what map you're playing on or where on the map you're playing, you will always end up having a new playing experience (unless of course you have played it on every area of every map which I doubt anyone has).

I however, have a few issues with this game.
A; It takes time to adapt too so you will more than likely have to play more than once to start getting used to it.
B; Not all maps have bright and easy-to-register colors so on some maps, it's much harder (which can also spice up the difficulty, which may or may not be a bad thing).
C; What are you gonna do with a Red that is colorblind?

Prison Romance:
I've never seen this game played myself, but since it's a game meant for a smaller group of players, I wouldn't worry so much about it. Based on what I read above, it sounds interesting and pretty basic too. Very similar to Salty Spittoon in a way as well. Not much more I can say since I haven't seen the game in action.

Cardinal Directions:
This is the first game on this list that I do not like very much. My main issue is because the North/West/East/South thing could confuse the Reds often and I have seen some get pretty mad when they were killed. Some Reds may not have good memory either which would cause more confusion.

I will admit however, that this game is doable and playable since I have never seen it actually fail. The game could maybe use some work however as it still may seem to be confusing. What would help is either me or my team spectating the game as it happens. That way, we can all see the game in action and who knows, we might come to like it (still need to hear from my team though).

Battle Beam:
I have no issues with this game at all. Good ol' arena mode on the beam of Sweeper. Though please do keep an eye on the game buttons as I have seen Blues attempt to sabotage the game in the past.

Overall, these are some nice and creative games and I've seen good things come out of them. I would love to see these games done by a lot more than just Dandy.

Keep in mind, this is just my personal feedback on these games and if they can, I would love to hear more from my team <3
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Aug 22, 2017
To say the least, this is a huge post, so I skimmed a lot of it. But I understand all of the explanations of the games

I like accelerated roulette, it does seem like a way to have a quick round for anyone who wants to and as long as you start and stop the game immediately, I think this does work efficiently. Color chaser can cause a lot of confusion and sometimes even the warden might not see a color when he was looking for something for the Reds to go to, which only adds to that point.

It is a very unique game that I do like in concept it’s just that it kind of allows for a lot of mishaps. Prison romance sounds like salty spittoon but two people go at a time basically instead of one. And if there’s a group of three they can just go at the same time. You don’t have to have an even number of players. Cardinal directions Sounds like a way of playing Simon says in a more unique way, or even colored sheets or you could say. Not a bad idea, I’ve seen it played a couple of times I can’t really judge my thoughts on that yet. Battle beam is just simple clean fun played on a different part of a map and that’s totally fine. Doing arena in an unexpected place in my opinion is always fun
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Nov 8, 2014
I praise custom games as it adds variety to the jailbreak gamemode for the regulars.

I have stated this a couple of times and I'll state it here. I don't mind 'Accelerated Roulette' but if it starts getting used too much a restriction will be placed. Such as how many red players you can do it with, or any other suggestion to avoid overuse.

Everything else I have nothing much to say, thank you for sharing these ideas though.
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