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Oct 11, 2023
i tried joining the jailbreak panda server but every single time it gives me this error message

Just looked on interweb and its look like this problem is mostly on client side, not server.
Probably your router or your network is problem.

Try running TF2 on diffrent computer in your network (borrow some laptop or PC), to check if is not hardware problem. If problem exist on different computer, then is your network.

Check with some sort of internet speed test website in your contry, if you can get declarated speed (faulty router will give less speed declarated by your service provider).

Easiest to do:

Just unplug your modem/router for 10-30 seconds then plug them back in [to reset it to default]. Ensure that you aren't using a torrent program or anything else that could slow the internet down, and reset steam. Also disconnect any other devices from your network like tv, phone, other PC, to see if it help.

if doesnt work, you can try:

-Verify Integrity of TeamFortress 2 or reinstall TF2

-Do Windows Update, sometimes outdated windows can do weird things [At last resort reinstal Windows]

-Some guy on steam forums: "ive got it! what we did is i went to library, right-clicked tf2, propertys, then set launch options and i put in +clientport 27006-27014, this changes the port range just do it on one of the computers."

-Also: "Try lowering your server pings (steam settings -> in-game, -> in-game server browser: max pings / minute) to the lowest value (250) and see if that helps. Your server browser will take a few extra seconds to populate itself, but I haven't run into the can't connect to valve server problem since".

-Also: "Try typing "retry" into console. It usually lets you connect after that".

-Also: "Impossible to connect if your IP is filtered on remote side. You can perform any rituals without any result.
There can be only one solution - change your IP or use VPN."

-Also you can call to your internet provider, to check if they see any problems on their side.

-Or just wait for a couple of days.

*You do above this, on your own responsibly

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