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Be Careful Of Links

Discussion in 'Players help Players' started by DynamicGlass, Apr 17, 2018.

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  1. DynamicGlass

    DynamicGlass Donator

    Aug 17, 2015
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    Recently this year streamers I know and some youtubers have gotten ratted.

    Ratted-This definition from google means: Hacking into a computer to take control of its functions. It comes from the phrase RAT or Remote Access Tool and allows third parties to access your files, documents and system settings.

    Being suspicious of being ratted
    - Just to say this first, even your anti-virus cannot pick up on this. If you have experienced any fps drops or PC is slow randomly because the person who is ratting your PC has to use a lot of CPU because of their third-party software. Also if you notice your mouse blinking or moving slightly or heavily randomly that can also mean your PC might be ratted.

    Why is this important?: Imagine you have clicked a shady link someone sent you it looks normal. That's what 'they' want you to think, and you closed it immediately. By that time, they have already been inside your PC just by clicking that certain link. Not even an anti-virus can detect this. So be careful of this because they will wait for the right time to take your things from you. Even if it takes months, they will wait for the right time.

    How to quick fix a ratted PC if suspicious-Reset your PC. For me this took about 5-10 minutes doing. Make sure you back up your important files in your hard drive!
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