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white tiger

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Nov 30, 2017
➤ Your name and/or nickname
white tiger, previously Roar.

➤ Your age

➤ Who gave you permission to apply? (applies to applicants under 15 or those who apply for servers not listed in the "Available positions" thread)
VS Saxton Hale is listed on the available positions thread.

➤ Your Steam32 ID (this is not simply a profile link. Look up what it is and how to get it; simply posting what you think it is makes you seem unprofessional)

➤ Your general online times and your timezone
My timezone is UTC+0 (GMT). I am usually online most days of the week from 12:00pm onwards, I am also generally available until late into the morning, sometimes staying online until 2:00-3:00am.

➤ Which of our servers do you usually play on and wish to apply for? Would you visit a broader range of servers in case of a report?
I would like to apply for #05 VS Saxton Hale as my main server. If I make it past the trial stage I'd be more than happy to visit other servers in case they need the extra help.

➤ Do you have a microphone? (This is a minimum requirement for Jailbreak admins)
I do have a microphone and use it regularly.

➤ Your previous experience as Admin or Moderator
I was previously an admin here with Panda, my trial phase from 21-04-2018 to 31-12-2018, and a full Gameserver admin until 19-06-2019 when I resigned my position. My previous application can be found by clicking here.

➤ Do you have experience with administrating with SourceMod?
Yes, see above.

➤ Why should we choose you to be part of our team?
I believe I would make a good addition to the VSH team, with over 60 days total playtime on VSH, my previous experience will allow me to immediately get underway with my responsibilities with little to no guidance from a mentor. I have been a community member for around 3 years now and believe I have a decent relationship with many regulars inside and out of Saxton Hale. I have found a home on TF2 in the Panda Community in these years and I would love to be a part of the staff team who make this place so great again. I like to think in my previous time here, I was a firm but fair admin, helping out new players was vital to me to make the game experience as enjoyable as possible, but also warning and punishing people appropriately if they still do not follow the rules.

➤ Finally, please briefly explain how you would do your job, e.g. a general overview of your policies and punishments.
With most offences I give 2 warnings before punishing, dependent of the rule broken this could be via chat (using sm_say, sm_csay etc.), via microphone alerting the player of wrongdoings, or direct commands affecting the offender (sm_slap, sm_slay etc.) I follow a strict punishment stacking guideline which is as follows:

1. 240 minutes
2. 720 minutes
3. 1440 minutes
4. 4320 minutes
5. 10080 minutes
6. Permanent

Note: if I check previous bans/comms and my stacking isn't the same as another admins, I'll scale up the punishment accordingly. Most rules will follow the above stacking, however there are a couple of instances where this is not the case:
• If I find a player cheating then I will save a demo taken in first person (I have shadowplay recording almost every game of TF2 I play, in the case it's not working I will use the inbuilt demo feature in TF2), ban the player for a long time and ask my mentor to change it to permanent after reviewing the evidence.
• Any threats made against the server or towards other players will be taken very seriously, depending on the severity this could lead to an instant permanent communication block i.e. DDoS, dox or death threats.

Some of the ways I will handle rules specific to VSH are:
• For AFK players, I will initially slay them with a warning in chat. If they are AFK again within a short amount of time, they will be kicked and if they rejoin and have not learned, they will be banned following the above stacking system.
• Players who camp or delay the round as Hale or in certain instances on Red will be warned via chat or microphone, then I will use sm_timebomb to motivate them, which will be removed if they stop delaying the round.
• I regularly use a general reminder bind to ensure players are aware of the /resetq and /nohale commands, if they suicide as Hale or give the Reds a free kill, they will be warned once and banned if they repeat the offense.

➤ Extra information
Before I left my post as admin and TF2 for ~3 months to go travelling, I'll admit I was a little off the rails with not really caring much of how I acted resulting in a ban from the server for suiciding as Hale. I believe many players can vouch that since my return I have not committed this offense and I don't plan on it in the future.

Sourcebans (2) Most recent 03-11-2019
Communication blocks (2) Most recent 05-10-2017

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May 12, 2016
Hey white tiger, nice to see you reapply man.

Okay so like you mentioned before your trip to thailand you got banned for suiciding as hale, however I havent seen you do it since youre back.

I see you warn rulebreakers often and youre really active aswell, also did a good job of administrating back then, so I would like to see you back in the team.

Ill give a +1
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Jul 17, 2014
Hello Roar. It took some time for me to decide so I could give proper feedback.

Your application, sessions, chat logs, and behavior are good. You enforce rules and your previous admin experience would surely help VSH, now that we are just 2 admins.
I talked with @Pilon99 as well and this is unanimous feedback by VSH admin team: +1


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Nov 8, 2014
Putting this under review.

Any questions or upcoming inactivity let me know. Good luck ::):
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