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Uminator (RN)

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Jun 17, 2022
Ch9amer101 (Uminator (RN) in game)
i am 21 years old

My current play time on the US jailbreak server is currently 6days 8hrs 35min

currently have no bans on the JB server

I am trying to apply for admin on the jailbreak US server

I am usually on every night that i am not working (usually working 4 months then off for 4 months) myt current time zone is GMT/UTC

I unfornatually do not have any prio experience as being an admin of a server

I would do my job by following the rules of the server so that it is smooth and there arnt any probloems, there is how i would solve some problmes that may occur:
If somone were to mic spam then i would mute them for a certain amount of time that seems fair so that they are not annoying the rest of the players and so that the red are able to hear what the wardens commands are going to be
if there is a blu mass freekilling then i would team ban them from blu so that the game becomes more enjoyable for everyone else, if a red is freekilled then i would respawn that red and allow the game to continue.
If there is team killing (on blu) my actions would be to team ban them for a certain amount of time that they are alive for.
Ammo glitching i would ban the player from the server since they are exploiting a glitch to make the game unfair.
I would like to be an admin because there have been countless times that i have been on the server where someone has broken the rules and no admins have been online to stop them from ruining the game.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application
JB Applications are not Open right now. Check Available Positions, or get permission from a full admin to apply.
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